Send in your nomination for an honorary award
Recognise an outstanding individual who has significantly contributed to the University and their community by nominating them for an honorary degree or fellowship.

How to submit nominations

Nominations for 2025 close 31 July 2024. All submissions should be submitted via email to the Interim Chief Governance Officer at


Those eligible to submit nominations, and those eligible to be nominated, are detailed in the University’s Selection of Candidates for Honorary Awards Policy.

Please note:

  • Fellows of Senate or members of staff of the University are not eligible for the award of an honorary fellowship while in office
  • former Fellows of Senate or former members of staff will not normally be eligible for nomination for an honorary fellowship within two years of their retirement from the relevant office. 

Nominate for an honorary degree

Honorary degrees are awarded in recognition of exceptional achievement.  The criteria for selection for the award of an honorary degree are one or more of the following:

  • academic eminence 
  • distinguished creative achievement
  • an outstanding contribution beyond the expectations of the person’s particular field of endeavour which has influenced the thinking or general wellbeing of the wider community.

Nomination form (doc, 261KB)

Nominate for an Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellows to be awarded the title of Honorary Fellow of the University of Sydney will be selected on the basis of conspicuous continued involvement in one or more of the following:

  • support of the interests and welfare of the University of Sydney or of a particular part of the University’s activities
  • promotion of the academic purposes of the University or of facilitating those purposes in any particular activity of the University
  • fostering the links between the University and other institutions within and without Australia
  • enlarging educational opportunities to enter the University among persons with limited prospects of so doing for reasons which they could not overcome
  • representation of the University’s needs for resources for its growth and diversification and supply of such resources.

Nomination form (doc, 258KB)