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A healthier place to learn

Healthy Sydney University is a university-wide initiative that brings students and staff together to promote the health and wellbeing of our community.

We work towards the University being a health promoting university. A health promoting university is one that embeds health in the everyday business of a university through its education, research, community engagement and organisational culture.

Our vision

We believe a healthy university supports healthy people, builds healthy places, develops healthy policies and implements healthy practices to support our students, staff and the broader community. 

We aim to develop projects and initiatives in collaboration with students and staff across all levels of the organisation, informed by our five guiding principles and the University’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.

Read about our activities and impact in 2017.

Our people

Healthy Sydney University is based in the Charles Perkins Centre Research and Education Hub and chaired by Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences. The Chair is supported by an executive group of academic and professional leaders from across the University.

Healthy Sydney University also has three working groups of students and staff who pursue initiatives and strategies relating to the areas of interest for a health promoting university: mental health and wellbeing (including alcohol and tobacco); physical activity, movement and active travel; and nutrition and healthy food environments.

Our working groups

Mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing logo of a brain


Move more, sit less

Move More, Sit Less logo of a pair of footprints


Eat better

Eat better logo of an orange


Smoke-free environment

The University is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning and working environment. As such, smoking is not permitted on University campuses, except within designated smoking areas. Read our Smoke-free Environment Policy (pdf, 320KB) for more information.

Smoking areas are clearly marked, and smoking is only allowed in the immediate vicinity of the "Smoking Area" sign. Ashtrays are provided for cigarette butts. You can find smoking areas for each campus on the relevant campus maps – just select “Smoking areas” under “Amenities”.

Thank you for helping to keep our campuses smoke-free.

Student Mental Wellbeing Framework

The Student Mental Wellbeing Strategy (pdf, 840KB) has been developed through a consultative process with key subject matter experts and stakeholders including the Brain and Mind Centre, the Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Abuse, the School of Psychology, the National Centre for Cultural Competence, Student Support Services, and student organisations.

The framework of the strategy draws on a collection of well-known blueprints for mental health promotion and spans the following themes:

  1. Mental wellbeing embedded in all aspects of university life
  2. Inclusive and supportive campus culture and environment
  3. Mental wellbeing practices promoted throughout the student experience
  4. A proactive approach to student needs and integrated delivery of care
  5. Individual progress planning and crisis intervention
  6. Research, innovation and evidence-informed action

Resources for a healthy university