Focus areas

Putting our research and education into practice

We are implementing our world-leading research and education in our campus operations, to nurture more sustainable and resilient campuses and inspire a culture of shared responsibility.

Energy and emissions

Reducing energy emissions from non-renewable energy sources

We aspire to reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy by reducing our imported energy provision, expanding onsite generation and supporting the development of new technologies on our campuses and in our research.

Biodiversity and open spaces

Protecting and improving our biodiversity

We are committed to growing and supporting diverse flora and fauna on our campuses by protecting and improving the ecosystems that attract interconnected plants, fungi and wildlife species.

Investments and procurement

Enabling ethically and sustainable investments and supply chains

We aim to further integrate sustainability considerations into our investment practices, and achieve more ethically and sustainably sourced supply chains.

Water, waste and recycling

Sustainably managing our water and waste

We are committed to promoting responsible water use and reducing our contribution to landfill by changing our operations and practices to reduce, reuse and recycle across our campuses.

Buildings and transport

Enabling climate resilient places and a responsible footprint

We aim to employ innovative approaches for building, landscape and transport infrastructure to minimise negative impacts and prepare us for the consequences of climate change.