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Celebrating 100 years of innovation

2018 is our centenary year
The Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning has been a pioneer in teaching and research across the built environment for 100 years. See what thought-provoking events and initiatives we've planned for our centenary.

Michael Ford, Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts Graduate 2011 

Past events

Wilkinson Lecture Series

Lubetkin and Me: John Allan
The life and work of Berthold Lubetkin
27 March 2018

Cees de Bont: Creating Value Through Design
Discussion around the evolving discipline of design
9 May 2018

Kim Herforth Nielsen
3XN Behind the Scenes: Architecture that Shapes Behaviour
21 June 2018

Li Xiaodong
A Reflexive Regionalist Approach to Practice
2 July 2018


Introducing – 100 Years of Innovation

In celebration of 100 years, we present a series of interviews with internationally renowned academics. We discuss the defining roles of architecture, design and planning in society over the last 100 years.

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Episode 1 – Secret Life of a Degree

The Bachelor of Architecture degree at Sydney has a long and lively history. It was open to men and women from its first offering in 1918, but the inclusion of women was controversial. In July 1972 a student strike shut down the school for two weeks, with students demanding the degree be remade.

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Episode 2 – Becoming a Utopian

The utopian visions of architects, planners, philosophers and sociologists are important speculative projects. We take a deep dive into the idea of utopia with Professor Danilo Palazzo, who calls on us to become utopians.

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Episode 3 – Working with the Street

Evelina Ozola is reimagining tactical urbanism in Latvia by co-building life size (1:1 scale) models of her urban designs in the street to communicate and test the design ideas with local communities.

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Episode 4 – Design Thinking and Cities

Everyone is talking about design thinking! But what, exactly, is design thinking? And how do these ideas relate to city making? Design thinking is an increasingly valued skillset across a wide range of industries, with high demand for design-based skills in the workplace. But can these ideas also be applied to city making?

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Episode 5 – Planning Multispecies Cities

We’re talking about extinction, climate change, urban development and urban planning futures. Dr Donna Houston says urban planners need to be more attuned to the ecological realities and rhythms of our cities.

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