Sydney students design to industry standards at DesignBUILD RAW

2 May 2017
Sydney students showcase their talent at DesignBUILD 2017
Eight University of Sydney students were given the opportunity to engage with the architectural community in a competitive environment at this year’s DesignBUILD expo, presenting tenders and constructing prototypes.
Speaker’s Theatre: Building Blocks

Central Hub: Transform Through Reuse
Team: Marianna Carr, Evgeniya Egorova, Emily Flanagan and Connie He 

Eight architecture students from the University of Sydney unveiled their winning designs for the DesignBUILD expo on Wednesday 3 May 2017 at Sydney’s new Convention Centre, Darling Harbour. Expanding the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning’s commitment to providing students with real-world opportunities, these students responded to a client brief with designs that met functional, budget, and creative requirements.

After its successful launch in 2016, DesignBUILD RAW debuts in Sydney in 2017, offering students the unique opportunity to showcase their work in an industry-based context. The program is run across Sydney’s leading architecture and design universities, giving students the chance to engage with the architectural community in a competitive environment. 

Second and third year undergraduate students were presented with industry-standard briefs to design two key components of the event’s show floor – the hub and speakers theatre. Michael Muir, Program Director, Bachelor of Design in Architecture, said: “This unit of study is designed to enhance students’ understanding of the integration of the design process, documentation, and prototyping through exposure to real clients and a realised project”.

The Building Blocks work being created

Speaker’s Theatre: Building Blocks

Team: Jessica Whitlock, Bethany Lee, Leah Kouper and David Huilin Yan 


Replicating a real-life client brief situation, students presented tenders within a specified budget, incorporating sustainable design elements and overarching themes of DesignBUILD. Students were involved in all stages of project development, including client liaison, collaborative design development, document resolution, and construction prototyping.

Submissions were judged by the team at DesignBUILD and Morton Hire. The winning projects have been built in in collaboration with DesignBUILD construction contractors, forming one of the key features of the event.

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