17 December 2021

One-of-a-kind manikin used to track COVID-19 within indoor spaces

University of Sydney researchers are using a breathing, life-sized anatomical human model to investigate airborne transmission of COVID-19, raising questions about how we return to the 'new normal' inside buildings.
03 December 2021

Sustainable shrooms lead to happy feet

A team of undergraduate students from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning have developed a smart insole, made from mushroom spores, containing electronic microprocessors to monitor foot health and encourage sensory awareness.
02 December 2021

Designing universal access to ocean pools

School of Architecture, Design and Planning postgraduate students met a design brief to provide universal access to Australia's ocean pools, helping them to develop graduate qualities for responding to real-world challenges.
07 October 2021

Lift in restrictions: Sydney experts on what we can expect

Experts in health, psychology and pandemic modelling comment on what Australians can expect as the nation emerges from pandemic restrictions.
27 September 2021

Students tackle decarbonisation in new pilot program

Master of Architectural Science students from the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning collaborate with leading architecture firms to champion sustainable practice.
17 September 2021

Brighten your day with these 10 positive stories

Hanging out for some good news? Here are 10 positive news stories you might have missed that could brighten your outlook this weekend.
01 September 2021

COVID induced shift to regional living

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased interest in Australia's regions. New research led by Sydney's School of Architecture, Design and Planning highlights the regional centres most likely to benefit from new economic activity, and the potential improvement in urban congestion and housing affordability in capital cities.
25 August 2021

Turn down the heat

University of Sydney researchers find women during menopausal transition require special consideration of their thermal requirements to ensure a comfortable working environment.
16 August 2021

Festival of Urbanism 2021

The Festival of Urbanism 2021 (13 - 24 September 2021) explores 'endangered' urbanism through a series of free, online panel discussions, films and podcasts that will focus on the existential threats facing urban environments from the global pandemic to social division, economic turmoil, and deepening climate risk.
22 July 2021

Sydney students awarded 2021 MADE by the Opera House scholarships

The University of Sydney once again dominates the chart with 4 out of 5 students represented in this prestigious multidisciplinary scholarship from the Sydney Opera House.