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Architectural Science

Using science to understand and improve the built environment
We are a group of researchers dedicated to understanding the effect of buildings not only on their internal and external environments, but also their occupants.

The objective of our research is to understand and manage the issues that impact upon the performance of a building. These issues include Indoor Environmental Quality (daylight and electric lighting, acoustics, thermal environment, indoor air quality, occupant comfort, health, wellbeing and productivity), building services (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, intelligent building control systems), facades (envelope), site conditions (climate and microclimate), and building life cycle sustainability.

We do this by undertaking innovative research in our three research labs. These are:

  • Indoor Environmental Quality Lab – examining indoor thermal environment, air quality, acoustics and illumination environment.
  • Sound Lab – acoustics is one of the main contributors to the quality of the built environment.
  • Lighting Lab – ways of using lighting in architectural spaces.

Our world-renowned researchers have attracted talent from across Australia and around the world, equipping them with state-of-the-art research infrastructure to create dynamic, high-impact research teams focused on the grand challenges for our built environments in the 21st century.