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Clubs and societies

We hold records for a number of clubs and societies
Search for a club or society in our alphabetised list.


  • Access conditions may apply, and where required you must obtain written permission to access the records.
  • The rare books and special collections of the Fisher Library also hold records of some clubs and societies.

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Club name (ref. no.) Date range Additional information
Advisory Committee on University Life (S100) 1924–1928  
Agricultural Society (S52) 1914–1970 List available
Ancient History Society (S16)    
Anglican Society (S28) 1953–1965 List available
Anthropology Society (S90)    
Archaeological Society (S58)    
Architectural Society (S101) 1922–1943  
Art Club (S98) 1928–1936  
Arts Association (S37)    
Arts Society (S11)    
Association for the Journal of Religious History (S67)   Access: written permission required to view the records
Association for the Protection of Native Races (S55) 1910–1968 Guide available
Association of Women Employees of the University of Sydney (AWEUS) (S66) 1980–1986 Access: open
Australian Federation of University Women (AFUW) (S14) 1892–1971 List available/access: permission must be sought from AFUW to view the records
Biological Society [formerly the "Botanical Society"] (S25) 1922–1967 List available
Book and Comforts Club (S34 )    
Book Club (S62)    
Botanical Society (S99) 1922–1929  
Car Club (S69) 1959–1978  
Celtic Society (S73) 1980–1982 Access: permission must be sought from the Society to view the records
Chancellor's Committee (S112) 1977–1995 List available
Chemical Society (S51)    
Chess Club (S97) 1926–1945  
Child Care Committee (S91)    
Christian Union/Student Christian Movement (S20) 1919–1960s List available
Circolo Universitario Italiano (S60)    
Classical Society (S33)    
Communist Club (S40)    
Conservation Society (S43)    
Conservative Association (S64)    
Democratic Club (S.U) (S79)    
Dental Alumni Society (S53) 1943–1973  
Dramatic Society (SUDS) (S63) 1905–1980 List available
Economics Graduates Association (S38)    
Economics Society (S15) 1923–1971 List available
Employees' Pension Committee (S24)    
Engineering Club and Engineering Society (S7) 1895–1960 List available
Engineering Undergraduates' Association (S47)    
Evangelical Union (S27) 1930–1968 List available/access: written permission required to view the records
Evening Students' Association (S22) 1913–1956  
Film Group (S61) 1947–1962 List available
Freethought Society (S95) 1932–1936  
Geographical Society (S.U) (S82)    
Geological Society (S46)    
Girl Guides Cadet Company (S.U) (S83)    
Glee Club (S96) 1908–1916  
Graduates' Association (S54) 1935  
Guild Teachers College Lecturers' Association (S110) 1972–1975 Guide available
Health and Research Employees Association of Australia (S89) 1936–1951  
Heretic Club (S117) 1917–1982 List available
History Club (S.U) (S87)    
International Club (S42)    
International House Members' Association (S74)   Access: refer to the executive of the Association
Kabeiroi of the University of Sydney (S56)    
Law Society (S26) 1904–1982 List available
Law School Comforts Fund (S109) 1940–1950 Guide available
League of Nations (S18) 1928–1939 List available
Liberal Club (S.U) (S81)    
Lodge (Masonic) (S31) 1924–1974 List available
Medical Society (S5) 1886–1984 List available/access: permission to be obtained from the executive of the Society
Medieval and Renaissance Group (S.U) (S86)    
Motor Cycle Club (S59) 1969–1979 List available
Musical Society (S12) 1909–1969 List available
Musical Society – Graduate Group (S12A) 1952–1972 List available
Newman Society (S.U) (S85)    
Pharmaceutical Association (S72)    
Philosophical Society (S21)    
Political Science Association (S.U) (S88)    
Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA) (S105) 1969–1992 Guide available/access: some series restrictions
Pythagorean Society (S50)    
Radio Club (S35) 1924–1925 List available
Rhodes Scholarship – NSW Selection Committee (S93) 1904–1985 List available/access: requires permission, contact the honorary secretary of the Committee
Rover Crew (S.U) (S84)    
Science Association (S.U) (S78) (see also S104: Science Society)   List available
Science Fiction Association (S45)    
Science Society (S104) (see also S78: Science Association)   List available
Scouts (S103)    
Settlement (S32) 1906–1986 List available
Seventh Day Adventist Students' Society (S75)    
Society for Combating Venereal Disease (S48)    
Society for Experimental Biology for NSW (S2)    
Society to Welcome Pope John Paul II (S111) 1985–1987  
Speleological Society (S9)    
Students' Representative Council (S8) 1929–1986 List available/access: written permission of donor must be sought before the publication of material
Sydney Association of University Teachers (S6) 1930–1978 List available
Sydney Chemical Society (S51) 1929–1996 List available
Sydney CAE Students Representative Council (S107)    
Sydney Teachers College Students Representative Council (S106)    
Sydney Teachers College Lecturer's Association (S113) 1929–1960  
Sydney University Employees Welfare Fund (S115) 1930–1997  
Sydney University Postgraduate Association (S105)    
Sydney University Settlement Ladies Auxiliary (S114)    
Thursday Lunch Club (S102)    
Teachers Guild of NSW (S108) 1897–1990 Guide available/access: closed for 30 years from the last action, series 27 closed for 50 years
Undergraduates' Association (S19)    
University of Sydney Club (S116) 1959–2000 Access: closed for 30 years
Veterinary Society (S17) 1912–1973 List available
SU Woman Undergraduates Association (S119) 1899–1911 List available
SU Women's Boat Club (S118) 1896–1912 List available
Women Evening Students' Association (S.U) (S77) 1922–1940 List available
Women's Group (S39)    
Women's Studies Conference Committee (S94)    
SU Women's War Auxiliary (S120) 1940–1945 List available
World University Service of Australia (University of Sydney Local Committee) (S92) 1958–1976