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How to search the archives online

Use our online search to find information on records in the archives
The online search provides a limited search of our archival holdings. It does not cover all our collections. Results will give information about records we hold, not provide digital copies of them.

You can search for the following University records:

  • Administrative files
  • Building plans and photographs of buildings
  • Departmental records including photographs
  • Examination results
  • Minutes of meetings (Senate, Academic Board, Faculty, etc.)

You can also search for personal records of the following collections:

  • Chambers, Raymond John
  • Elkin, Adolphus Peter *
  • Holme, Ernest Rudolph
  • Radcliffe-Brown, Alfred Reginald *
  • Smith, John
  • Wedgwood, Camilla

* If you are searching for Radcliffe-Brown or Elkin records held by us and you know the exact name, you can search the "Map". Please note that you may retrieve fewer results as not all the records have been geo-mapped.

How to use the search

You can search in all categories ("Series", "Item", "Agency Organisation" and "Person") by selecting "Any", or search just one category by selecting it from the drop-down list.

You can refine your results from an "Any" search by clicking on the different categories listed in red at the top of the results list.

To search a phrase, your words need to be enclosed in quotation marks, ie "Academic Board".

You can further refine your search by using "AND", "OR", or "-" (minus sign) between words and phrases, or use a "*" (wildcard) at the end of a word, eg:

  • "Anderson Stuart" AND building
  • "Anderson Stuart" OR "Thomas Anderson Stuart"
  • "Anderson Stuart" - building
  • Ander*

Archives Mediabank

You can use the Archives Mediabank to find and view approximately 5000 searchable images of University buildings, staff, students, events and surrounds taken from the 1850s to the early 1990s.

Mediabank uses boolean searching: AND, NOT, OR, and wildcard * at the end of words. For instance, to search for Patricia Lahy, use Pat* AND Lahy.

Featured image (top of the page): View from above of the City Road Gates, 1975.