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First Nations Peoples should be aware that the University of Sydney Archives hold sensitive content in various formats including audio, film, photographs and printed material, which may be considered distressing, inappropriate or offensive. The Archives holds material that contains images and names of deceased people. Material in the collection about First Nations people and cultures has traditionally been created and recorded by non-Indigenous people. As a result, this material may contain inaccuracies and misinterpretations. Researchers should also be aware that some material contains descriptions and words which do not reflect current understandings and could be considered offensive and inappropriate in today’s context. While the Archives does not support such language and views, this information is presented without alteration.


  • Comprehensive guides are not available for all material, although there may be box lists. 
  • Requests to access unprocessed material are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  • Rare Books & Special Collections in the Fisher Library also holds personal papers.

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Person (ref. no.)
Field Date range Guide
Alexander, Albert Ernest (P150)
Chemistry 1931–1971 Guide available
Anderson, Francis (P027)
Philosophy 1875–1939 Guide available (pdf, 377KB)
Anderson, John (P042) and family Philosophy 1928–1955 Guide available (pdf, 146KB)
Atkinson, William Thomas (P203)
Bailey, Victor Albert (P066)
Physics 1921–1965 Guide available (pdf, 70KB)
Barker, Thomas (P021)
Benefactor 1825–1935 Guide available
Barnet, James Johnstone (P030)
Clerk of works 1863–1900 Guide available (pdf, 462KB)
Barraclough, Samuel Henry Egerton (P010)
Engineering 1847–1948 Guide available
Benning, Herbert Francis (P178)
Convocation, St Johns College 1930–1976  
Birch, Louis Charles (P131)
Biology 1953–1986 Guide available
Black, Hermann David [1904–1990] & Edith Joyce (P197)
Economics, Senate, Chancellor 1859–1999 Guide available (pdf, 335KB)
Blackburn, Charles Ruthven Bickerton (P207)
Professor & head of Department of Medicine 1951–1988  
Blacket, Edmund Thomas (P003)
Architect 1817–1919 Guide available
Bland, Francis Armand (P092)
Economics (public administration) 1898–1960s List available
Blount, John Charles (P017)
SRC, Sydney University Union 1968–1972  
Boelke, Nee Robinson, Grace Fairley & Boelke, Paul Wilhelm Randolph (P139) Medicine, graduates 1893 1886–1945 Guide available
Branagan, David Francis (P050)
Geology   Access only with consent of depositor
Branagan, John King (P052)
Economics, student    
Brereton, John Le Gay (P114)
Brewer, Ilma Mary (P141)
Biology, education 1933–1992 Guide available
Briggs, Edward Alfred (P036)
Biology 1924–1926 Guide available
Brown, Lyle A (P193) Medicine, graduate 1939–1943 Guide available
Browne, Ida Allison (P187)
Geology 1900–1975 Guide available
Browne, William Rowan (P186)
Geology 1901–1972 List available
Buckley, Kenneth Donald
Bullen, Keith Edward (P025)
Mathematics & geophysics 1915–1976 Guide available (pdf, 410KB)
Burkitt, Arthur Neville St. George H (P151)
Anatomy 1923–1950 Guide available
Cazneaux, Harold Pierce (P183)
Photographer, University appeal 1927 Guide available
Chambers, Raymond John (P202)
Accountancy 1954–1997 Guide available
Champion, Richard Annells
Psychology 1946–1998 Guide available
Chaney, John Allen (P201) Student    
Charteris, Archibald Hamilton (P038)
Law 1899–1935 Guide available (pdf, 4.1MB)
Christiansen, Wilbur Norman (P118)
Astronomy 1947–c1981 Guide available
Coffey, Alfred (P060) Architecture, artist 1893–1954  
Cohen, Fanny (P065)
Geology, Senate
1910–1975 Guide available
Cohen, Samuel Wolf (P173)
Education, director Student Advisory Service, STC 1950s  
Connell, William Fraser (P095)
Cotton, Frank Stanley (P147)
Physiology 1914–1955 Guide available
Cotton, Leo Arthur (P045)
Geology 1908–1964 Guide available
Cowan, Henry Jacob (Jack)
Architecture 1941–1990  
Crabbe, Brian D (P213) Psychology 1974–2000 Records less than 30 years old closed
Crocker, Robert Langdon (P160)
Biology 1948–1952 Guide available
Crommelin, Minard Fannie (P051)
Benefactor, conservationist 1887–1970 Guide available
David, Tannatt William Edgeworth (P011)
Geology 1882–1963 Guide available (pdf, 259KB)
Derera, Nicholas Frederick (P166)
Plant breeder, Wheat Research Institute   Some items are restricted
Dintenfass, Leopold (P194)
Biorheology & haemorheology 1958–1988 Guide available
Dods, Lorimer Fenton (P172)
Dunston, Arthur John (P096)
Latin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor   Access only with consent of donor
Earl, John Campbell (P099)
Chemistry 1902–1981 Guide available
Eddy, William Charles Henry (P196)
Philosophy 1929–1980 Guide available (pdf, 114KB)
Elkin, Adolphus Peter (P130)
Anthropology   Guide available – some items are restricted
Farrell, Ralph Barstow (P185)
German 1898–1983 List available
Gale, Kathleen Windeyer (P091)
Arts, graduate 1913   Guide available (pdf, 128KB)
Gamble, Allan Allman (P144)
Architecture, administration 1946–1977 Guide available
Geddes, William (P195)
Anthropology 1964–1966 List available
Gosper, James Murray (P070)
Engineering, SRC, Honi Soit, convocation 1920–1958 Guide available (pdf, 879KB)
Graham, Nee King Beryl Ada (P072)
Biology 1936–1980 Guide available
Gunn, Reginald Montagu Cairns (P078)
Veterinary science 1912–1964 Guide available
Hall, George Edward (P145)
Admin, Hon. archivist (1932–52) Book of Remembrance 1905–1952 Guide available
Harris, John Windham (P211)
Radio physics, graduate 1933–1946 Guide available
Haswell, William Aitcheson (P168)
Biology – zoology 1882–1925 Guide available
Henning, Ian Allan Ramie (P155)
French 1922–1973 Guide available
Hogbin, Herbert Ian Priestley (P015)
Anthropology 1926–1983 Guide available (pdf, 305KB)
Holme, Ernest Rudolph (P123)
English 1882–1953 Guide available
Iredale, Thomas (P029)
Chemistry 1928–1971 Guide available – open for access in 2022
Jack, R Ian (P061)
History   List available
Jack, Nee Milner Sibyl M (P109) History    
Keep, John Malcolm (P167)
Veterinary medicine    
Kuchel, Philip William (P126)
Medicine – biochemistry 1973–1984  
Laing, Norma (P194) Science, graduate 1938–1944 Guide available
Lancaster, Henry Oliver (P206)
Medical & mathematical statistics    
Larsson, Yvonne Anne (P184)
Education 1956–1993 List available
Lawrence, Peter (P170)
Anthropology 1921–1989 Guide available some items are restricted
Lawson, Abercrombie Anstruther (P048)
Biology 1880–1927 Guide available
Leech, Thomas David James (P059)
Engineering 1947–1973 Guide available
Le Fevre, Raymond James Wood (P015)
Chemistry 1907–1989 Guide available – some items are restricted
Liversidge, Archibald (P008) & Hufton, Edward Chemistry 1874–1924 Guide available
Lovell, Henry Tasman (P031)
Psychology 1893–1958 Guide available
Lowe, Gordon Bradley
Medicine 1915–1918 Guide available
Ma, Shih Taun (P107)
Physics 1943–1960 Guide available
Maccallum, Mungo William (P009)
English, Senate, Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor   Guide available (pdf, 299KB)
Mack, John Michael (P191) Mathematics, Academic Board   Guide available
Mackay, Iven Giffard (P097)
Physics, Esquire Bedell    
Mackie, Alexander (P169) and Family Education, Sydney Teachers College 1850–1980 Guide available (pdf, 1MB)
Mackie, Margaret and Family Education 1824–1990  
Maclaurin, Henry Normand (P014)
Medicine, Senate, Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor 1861–1914 Guide available
Madsen, John Percival Vissing (Sir) (m27)
Electrical engineering, Senate   Digitised-microfilm available (we do not hold the originals)
Mahoney, Jack Andrew (P174)
Geology, collection curator 1954–1982  
Makinson, Richard Elliss Bodenham (P148)
Physics 1902–1983 Guide available
Marks, Gladys Hope (P018)
French 1905–1949 Guide available
Mcarthur, Annie Margaret (P205)
Anthropology 1953–1963 Guide available (pdf, 47.5KB)
Mccusker, Charles Brian Anthony (P153)
Physics 1957–1987 Guide available – some items are restricted
Mclelland, Mary Sylvester (P214)
Social work    
Meaney, Neville K (P086) History   Access only with consent of donor
Megaw, John Vincent Stanley (P033)
Archaeology 1950–1972 List available
Messel, Harry (P146)
Physics 1946–1981 List available – some items restricted
Mills, Bernard Yarnton (P154)
Physics 1944–1985 Guide available – some items are restricted
Moore, Walter John (P132)
Chemistry 1966–1983 Guide available – some items are restricted
Nicholson, Charles (P004)
Senate, Chancellor, benefactor 1836–c1920 Guide available
Nicholson, George Gibb (P152)
French 1926–1948 Guide available
Noble, Robert Jackson (P082)
University Medal, agriculture 1908–1935 Guide available
Ogilvie, Florinda Katharine (P104)
Social work, medical social work 1937–1968 Guide available
Oliver, Alexander (P007)
Senate   Guide available (pdf, 526KB)
O'meagher, Bruce Dalton (P040)
SRC (education research)    
Payne Scott, Ruby
Radio physics 1920–2015 Guide available
Pearson, Eric J (P165) Education, Sydney Teachers College    
Peart, Donald Richard (P171)
Arts (music)   List available – some items are restricted
Pell, Morris Birkbeck (P056), Jane Juliana Mathematics, family papers 1862–1931 Guide available
Pollak, John Kurt (P156)
Histology, embryology & biochem 1950–1986 Guide available
Powe, Arthur Blayney (P110)
Radcliffe-Brown, Alfred Reginald (P129)
Anthropology 1915–1951 Guide available (pdf, 336KB)
Roberts, Stephen Henry (P016)
History, Senate, Vice-Chancellor 1914–1966 Guide available
Robinson, Grace Fairley (P139)
Medicine, 1893 graduate 1863–1945 Guide available
Room, Thomas Gerald (P190) Mathematics 1923–1989 Guide available
Rose, Thomas Arthur (P198) Philosophy 1927–1995 Guide available (pdf, 30KB)
Schafroth, Max Robert (P127)
Physics 1953–1959 Guide available
Selby, David Mayer (P075)
Senate, Deputy-Chancellor c1961–62 Guide available
Simpson-Lee, Geelum
Dean Faculty of Economics c1966–1978  
Smith, John (P209)
Arts, foundation professor, photographer 1852–c1860s  
Smith-White, William Broderick (P189)
Mathematics 1925–1981 Guide available
Spann, R N (P125)
Economics, public administration 1930–1981 Guide available
Spearritt, Donald (P176)
Education 1948–1990  
Stewart, James Douglas (P035)
Veterinary science 1857–1952 Guide available
Still, Jack Leslie (P046)
Biochemistry, professorial board 1943–1976 Guide available
Stout, Alan Ker (P088)
Philosophy 1932–1980 Guide available
Stroobant, Raymond E (P117)
Education c1960–70s Guide available
Stove, David (P212)
Philosophy 1953–1993 Guide available
Stump, Claude Witherington (P121)
Histology, embryology 1921–1933 Guide available
Sutcliffe, John Philip
Professor of psychology education, science, Sydney Teachers College    
Swain, Marjorie Olive Burnham (P142)
Physical education 1922–1984 Guide available
Taylor, Dorothy Rhodes (P177)
Geography 1922–1945 Guide available
Taylor, Thomas Griffith (P163)
Geography 1899–1928 Guide available
Teale, Family (P069) Graduates [Arts 1927–1968]    
Thomson, Richard J (P119)
Threlfall, Richard (P028)
Physics 1885–1962 Guide available
Todd, Frederick Augustus (P113)
Latin 1902–1971 Guide available (pdf, 591KB)
Troughton, Ellis Le Geyt (P079)
Biology 1875–1979 Guide available
Turner, Ivan Stewart (P143)
Education, Sydney Teachers College 1918–1981 Guide available
Turney, Clifford (P182)
Education (foundation dean), MA 1958–1983 List available
Vallance, Thomas George (P188)
Geology 1954–1983 Guide available
Vogan, Harold James (P106)
Engineering 1900–1968 Guide available
Walker, Alice Ruth (P158)
Philosophy 1917–1986 Guide available – some items are restricted
Wall, Gordon Elliott (P215)
Ward, John Manning (P181)
History, Vice-Chancellor 1919–1990 Guide available – some items are restricted
Warren, William Henry (P149)
Engineering 1844–1922 Guide available
Webb, Norman Charles (P164)
Senate, Wesley College    
Wedgwood, Camilla Hildegarde (P122)
Anthropology 1927–1958 Guide available
Wheelwright, Edward Lawrence
Economics, Senate    
White, Dorothy (P087)
Wilkinson, Leslie (P064)
Architecture 1906–1947 Guide available
Williams, James (P080)
Law 1940–1953 Guide available
Wilson, James Thomas (P162)
Anatomy 1815–1953 Guide available
Wilson, John Lascelles Jenner (P175)
Adult education 1922–1987  
Windeyer, Family (P001) Senate (family papers) c1851–1905 Lists available
Winston, Denis (P180)
Town and country planning 1908–1980 Guide available (pdf, 472KB)
Wood, George Arnold (P013)
History 1803–1965 List available
Woolley, John (P005)
Classics 1849–1859 Guide available
Young, John (P200)
Physiology, dean of medicine & Pro Vice-Chancellor 1950–2003 Guide available (pdf, 183KB) – some items are restricted

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