Dr Chiara O'Reilly
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Dr Chiara O'Reilly

BA (Hons) University of Sydney, Phd University of Sydney
Senior Lecturer
+61 2 9351 4256
A26 - R.C. Mills Building
The University of Sydney

Dr Chiara O'Reilly has been involved with exhibitions and projects at the Historic Houses Trust of NSW, National Gallery of Australia and the Art Gallery of NSW. She has extensive teaching experience across the university sector. She is the current Chair of the Museum Studies Program.
Her doctoral thesis dealt with the French Romantic Landscape painter Paul Huet (1803-1869) and considered Romantic ideas of human history and natural science, as well as the influence of literature on the depiction of landscape.

  • Exhibitions – history and contemporary practice
  • Museums and community
  • History and development of Museums
  • Landscape and preservation
  • Objects in museums
  • Exhibitions in Museums and Galleries
  • 19th Century histories of displays and practice
  • History of Museums
  • Collecting history and contemporary methods
  • French Romantic Landscape paintings – ideas of history and place
  • Blockbusters and Exhibitions in Australia – collaborative project with Dr Anna Lawrenson
  • Suitcases, Boats and Bridges: Telling migrant stories in Australian and UK Museums, collaborative project with Dr Nina Parish from the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies, University of Bath
  • Collection and display history in Australian Museums
Project titleResearch student
Ethical and actionable science communication: a museological perspective.Ellie DOWNING
The art of exhibiting a nation: Australia, 1918 to 1941Ann SUTHERLAND


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