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ArtSS Career-Ready

Since 2014 the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has been building ArtSS Career-Ready to help prepare students for the many career paths available as graduates with a degree in the humanities and social sciences.

"The world of work has changed drastically... traditional career paths and job progression are things of the past. The smart students will take their career into their own hands, learn a cross-section of practical skills, dance between industries, and flirt with flexibility. A degree no longer guarantees you a role - have a thirst to learn, a commitment to deliver value, & confidence of who you are & what you have to offer - you’ll always get work and more importantly, you’ll have a great time doing it."

Lata Hamilton, BA (Media & Comms)
Change Management Consultant, City of Parramatta Council

ArtSS Career-Ready offers tailored programs aimed at developing your skills and ability to enter the workplace. We also offer paid work placements, exclusive to students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, with some of Australia's most reputable organisations.

More and more organisations see the value of a graduate from humanities and social sciences subjects in the way they think and the ability to problem solve the most complex tasks.