Professor Ann Curthoys

Honorary Associate
Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences of Australia and the Australian Academy of the Humanities

BA (Hons), University of Sydney 1967; Dip.Ed. (Sydney Teachers College) 1967; PhD (Macquarie University 1973)

Ann Curthoys researches and supervises graduate students in Australian history, set in a broad transnational and imperial history frame. She also writes about history and theory, and historical writing.

She was formerly Manning Clark Professor of History at the Australian National University and ARC Professorial Fellow at the University of Sydney. She retired in April 2013.

Professor Curthoys is currently working on several projects.

Her major project is entitled “The British Empire, Indigenous Peoples, and Self-government for the Australian Colonies”. She is writing with Jessie Mitchell a book from this project, provisionally titled Taking Liberty: How Settlers in the Australian Colonies gained self-government while Indigenous people lost it. She has also edited special issues on this theme for the Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, and the Australian Journal of Colonial History. With Jessie Mitchell, she has written a chapter entitled “Self-Government” for the forthcoming two volume Cambridge History of Australia, edited by Alison Bashford and Stuart Macintyre.

Ann is also working on a study of Paul Robeson’s visit to Australia in 1960, a spin-off from her earlier book on race relations in Australia in the 1960s, namely Freedom Ride: A Freedomrider Remembers (Allen and Unwin, 2002).

Ann continues to write on questions of history, fiction, memory, and writing.

Selected publications


Freedom Ride: A Freedomrider Remembers, Allen and Unwin, Sydney (2002)
– Awarded Stanner Prize, 2003, by the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
– ‘Highly Commended’ at Human Rights Awards, HREOC, Australia, December 2002
– shortlisted NSW Premier’s Literary Award for Non-fiction and the Center for Australian Cultural Studies Award for Non-Fiction, 2003.
The endnotes for this book are online here

For and Against Feminism: A Personal Journey into Feminist Theory and History, Allen and Unwin, Sydney (1988)

(with Ann McGrath) How to Write History that People Want to Read (UNSW Press, 2009, Macmillan 2011)

(with Ann Genovese and Alexander Reilly), Rights and Redemption: History, Law, and Indigenous People (UNSW Press, 2008)

(with John Docker) Is History Fiction?, University of New South Wales Press and University of Michigan Press (2005; revised edition 2010). Translated into Korean, 2013.

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Edited Journal Special Issues
2013 Co-editor, special issue of Australian Historical Studies on “Remembering the 1951 Referendum on the Banning of the Communist Party”, volume 44, issue 1.

2013 Co-editor, special issue of the Journal of Australian Colonial History on “Governing Settlers and Indigenous Peoples in the Australian Colonies”

2012 Editor, special issue of Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, Volume 13, Number 1. Title of issue: “Taking Liberty: Settler Self-government and Indigenous Australia”

2001 Co-editor, special section on “Genocide? Australian Aboriginal History in International Perspective”, for Aboriginal History vol. 25.

Recent essays
(with Jeremy Martens), “Serious Collisions: Settlers, Indigenous People, and Imperial Policy in Western Australia and Natal”, Journal of Australian Colonial History, vol. xx, pp. 123-46.

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