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Also known as: thanpa, janba

Djanba is a repertory of approximately 100 songs composed and performed by men and women of the Murriny Patha-speaking clans. The first composer was Robert Kolumboort, who started djanba off in the early 1960s. Other songs in the series were composed by his siblings Harry Luke Kolumboort, Rosie Kolumboort and Lawrence Kolumboort, by their fellow Dimirnin clansmen Joe Malakunda Birrarri, Theodore Bunduck, Barty Perdjert and Charlie Kurawurl, and by Nangu clansman Johnny Ninnal and his wife Anna Maria Ninnal. Many of the songs are about the honeybees and other totems associated with the Kunybinyi area near Wadeye. There are also some 'church djanba' songs specially composed to be sung in church liturgy.
Most song texts are in grammatical Murriny Patha, with some special features such as a high proportion of reduplicated words. They are often quite cryptic in reference, and to understand them we rely on explanation by a knowledgeable person.
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Murriny Patha
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