Image: 92cc-04wurltjirri
Also known as: wurlthirri, wulthirri, woltjiri

Wurltjirri is a set of songs created by the Nangu clansman Tjimarrarr in the 1930s. It fell out of use for some time after this, and was revived by Tjimarrarr's daughter Elizabeth Cumaiyi and other relatives in the mid-1980s. Only five songs from this set are still actively performed in Wadeye. One song in the series was composed by Dithungga, Tjimarrarr's brother. These songs are strophic and didjeridu-accompanied. The didjeridu accompaniment of some songs uses the overblown hoot, which is never otherwise used in didjeridu-accompanied genres of the Daly region, being characteristic rather of northeast Arnhem Land styles. It is also highly unusual elsewhere in Australia to see women leading the singing of didjeridu-accompanied songs. Photo: Mark Crocombe.

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