Image: Malgarrinkurdantiga
Also known as: malkarrin

Malgarrin is a set of about 30 songs, first composed by Mulindjin in the 1930s, at around the same time as wurltjirri. Mulindjin received some of these songs in a dream-vision of the Virgin Mary, and several of the songs (though by no means all) have Christian themes. Malgarrin songs are usually sung by a mixed group of men and women, with clapstick accompaniment played by the (usually male) song-leader. The verses are made up of isorhythmic cyclically repeating text, and in alternate verses the clapstick accompaniment drops out for part of the verse. These songs are similar in musical structure to balga songs, a style that originates from the Kimberleys. In the past Murriny Patha people performed a number of different balga repertories. Some malgarrin song texts include words in Jaminjung and other languages. Photo: Mark Crocombe.

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