26 September 2018

That’s a wrap! The 2018 Sydney Underground Film Festival delivers its best season yet

Sydney Underground Film Festival reporters Michael Sun and Lily Langman walk us through their 2018 highlights, including the Hollywood apocalypse, retro film-making, time travel, and how to get revenge with an iron axe.
18 September 2018

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Edward Said's Orientalism

Four decades ago, Edward Said released Orientalism, a book that transformed the study of the non-West and pioneered entirely new fields of academic enquiry. Whether Said is considered a beacon or provocateur, academics from all over the world have been touched by his work and ideas.
10 September 2018

Recent graduate Alex Tighe wins prestigious ABC journalism scholarship

Along with 12 months of real-world newsroom experience, the Media and Communications graduate will develop his technical and research skills under some of the national broadcaster’s leading journalists.
10 September 2018

The Man Who Escaped Sierra Leone

"There are times when you walk into the train station or shops and people will look at you differently. I recently had dreadlocks and you could see people making judgements like, ‘There goes a shabby African boy."
10 September 2018

Social Engineering and Cybersecurity

Ahead of his appearance at the upcoming Outside the Square event, "Hackers, Breaches, Bots", graduate and white-hat hacker, Alex Hope, sits down to talk cybersecurity.
07 September 2018

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences alumni named in 100 Women of Influence

Joining the impressive list of AFR's 2018 100 Women of Influence are nine Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences alumni who have been shortlisted in the awards.
07 September 2018

From the Dean

I am profoundly grateful for the wonderful gift support—now more than $60M—received by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences from alumni and friends during the ongoing INSPIRED campaign.
06 September 2018

Videomania in Pixelmosh

Sydney Underground Festival reporter Michael Sun sits down with Bachelor of Visual Arts student Christopher Bonador to talk about his new film, Madonna videos, and why digital isn’t always better