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Why study political economy at Sydney

13 May 2020
Prepare for a career with real social and economic impact
Discover the important trends underlying the modern economy and gain the necessary skills to effect change in a globalised world.

Felicity Wade, Master of Politial Economy graduate 2012

In an increasingly globalised world, the Master of Political Economy addresses the important and emerging trends underlying the global economy: power and inequality, populist politics, food security, and the impact of globalisation on national economic policy settings.

You will learn key frameworks and policies for addressing the most pressing social and economic issues of our time, including Universal Basic Income, the ways in which asset ownership is transforming contemporary capitalism, gender and the future of work, labour migration, international financial crises and environmental sustainability.

Political Economy looks at the humans behind the numbers, and the social impact of economic policy.

Political Economy sets you up for all sort of ways to be in the world. It sets you up for being in that big public discussion about what sort of country, what sort of world we’re going to live in in the future.
Felicity Wade, graduate and National Co-convenor, Labour Environment Action Network

As part of the Master of Political Economy capstone project you’ll have the opportunity to conduct independent research under the supervision of one of our leading academics on a topic of your choice. This dissertation can act as a pathway to PhD studies, or demonstrate your ability to analyse and delivery in-depth research to employers.

Learn from leaders in the field

The University of Sydney has the largest number of political economists in Australia, and is affiliated with world-renowned scholars such as Greece’s former Finance Minister, Honorary Professor Yanis Varoufakis.

You will learn from leading academics that have worked with and advised the Asian Development Bank, Energy Australia, Sydney Water, the Federal Government, the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority, and the Australian Institute.

As a postgraduate student you have the opportunity to publish articles and engage with an online community that spans the globe, through the department’s award-winning Progress in Political Economy (PPE) blog.

The PPE blog gives students a platform to contribute to popular debates on current social and political issues, alongside academics and highly respected authors and journalists, such as former Channel 4 News Economics Editor, Paul Mason, and Australia’s leading political economist, Emeritus Professor Frank Stilwell.

The ability to have your work published, collaborate with experts in the field, and build up your networks all before you graduate is incredibly valuable.
Professor Adam Morton

Expand your career opportunities

The analytical skills and economic and policy knowledge gained through the Master of Political Economy enables graduates to work in various roles across business, journalism, and the social, community and public sectors.

Our graduates can be found in the Federal Treasury, Facebook, Office of the President (Chile), Department of Economic Development (Isle of Man), The Boston Consulting Group, UK Civil Service, Department of Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, SBS and ABC News, leading commercial banks, and the Labour Party.

To apply and learn more about our Master of Political Economy, visit the course page here.

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