30 July 2020

Graduate awarded RN Spann Scholarship in public policy

Alexander Webb has received the RN Spann Scholarship for achieving outstanding results in the Master of Public Policy at the University of Sydney.
27 July 2020

Taking aim at military sexual violence

Almost a decade has passed since the “Skype scandal” made front-page news in Australia, alerting the public to a new variation on age-old sexual crimes within the Australian Defence Force, leading to internal reviews, policy changes and declarations of zero tolerance. And yet the problem of military sexual violence has not abated.
21 July 2020

Arts grad at work: Digital customer experiences at Commonwealth Bank

After securing a graduate position at CommBank, Bachelor of Arts alumna, Tessa Maye, has gone from strength to strength within the corporate, recently landing a role as a Digital Product Owner, demonstrating the value and employability of a Humanities degree.
21 July 2020

Where will a degree in public policy lead you?

From advocating on cyber security policy, to delivering strategic emergency service programs, find out how our public policy graduates are forging fulfilling careers across diverse industries and sectors.
14 July 2020

Industry and Community Project unit leads to internship with Randstad

The opportunity to work on a real-world problem alongside the HR giant via our Industry and Community Project unit (ICPU) turned into an official internship for Bachelor of Arts student, Emma Peake, and some serious professional development.
13 July 2020

From the Dean

2020 feels like it has already run longer than a year and we are only halfway through. The impacts of COVID-19 are being felt globally but also unevenly with some countries, some demographics, some sectors, even some suburbs hit much harder than others. I hope that you are weathering this immensely trying period as well as can be expected.
10 July 2020

China on the march?

The 2020 CISS Global Forum ‘The COVID Crisis: Lessons Learned, What Next?’ turned its attention to China’s domestic politics and international relations during the chaos of COVID-19.
06 July 2020

Student spotlight: On working with Bauer and studying Education

Mary recently completed an Industry and Community Project unit (ICPU) and got to work with Bauer Media Group. She shares her experiences, answers questions about online learning and tells us about what the University of Sydney is like.
06 July 2020

Alumni achievements in Indigenous art, free media, and public policy

An iconic Indigenous artist, a Malaysian free media campaigner, and a policy shaper in Pakistan are among the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ 2020 Alumni Award winners.
06 July 2020

Why empowering parents and children is a society-wide effort

The pandemic has presented difficulties for parents and social workers alike, says Parenting Research Centre director of policy and practice, Annette Michaux. But the profession is built to thrive in challenging times like these.