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New fellowships provide hands-on teaching experience

25 October 2022

Do you want to learn how to teach while you do your PhD?

One of the most difficult things in becoming an academic is getting teaching experience while you’re studying. Now two new fellowships are available for PhD students interested in developing their teaching skills and becoming a job-ready academic.

At the School of Humanities we’ve created two Postgraduate Teaching Fellowships for PhD students in History. You’ll be paid to teach during semester and to take professional development, training and mentoring.

To qualify you should apply for one of the two related research scholarships, the Daniel Cooper Postgraduate Research Scholarship (in Classics and Ancient History), or the GC Henderson Research Scholarship (in the history of the South Pacific). If you’re awarded one of these Scholarships you’ll be offered a teaching fellowship.

You will start your fellowship after passing your 12 month annual progression review. For the year of your fellowship you’ll be employed at 0.3 full-time equivalent. During semester you’ll tutor classes for up to four hours per week, prepare for classes, mark assessements and take part in professional development. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in activities such as lectures, curriculum development and coordination.

From the beginning you will be trained in how to take tutorials, and later you’ll take part in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ Teaching Development Program. You’ll be taught how to use all the systems and e-tools for marking and assessment and communicating with your students.

As a Postgraduate Teaching Fellow you’ll have more opportunities for mentoring and inclusion in professional activities beyond those provided by casual tutoring, and you’ll be able to develop your scholarship of teaching under the guidance of experienced academics.

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