23 July 2024

Trying to stay warm in bed this winter?

Dr Mark De Vitis from the Discipline of Art History explores the varied and innovative strategies of keeping warm in bed during Early Modern Europe, including pursuing multiple sleeping companions, sewing quilted down duvets or snuggling with willing pets.
19 July 2024

Quantum technologies: the time to discuss risks is now

A huge race is on to develop quantum technologies. It's important to consider the potential security and economic implications of quantum science breakthroughs, write Professor James Der Derian and Dr Stuart Rollo from the Centre for International Security Studies.
16 July 2024

Past shootings of US presidents led to new gun controls - will this one?

David Smith, Associate Professor in American Politics and Foreign Policy in the Discipline of Government and International Relations, looks into the history of the AR-15 rifle and attempts at gun control in America.
16 July 2024

MCA Australia and Power Institute host major forum on vision

In August, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the Power Institute at the University of Sydney will present 'Visions', a major public forum on the art, science and politics of seeing. Tickets are on sale now!
16 July 2024

How women skateboarders are flipping the script ahead of the Olympics

University of Sydney sociologist and avid skateboarder Dr Indigo Willing's new research is flipping the script on sporting stereotypes as she explores how to make skateboarding more inclusive for girls, women, and gender diverse skaters.
15 July 2024

The value of cultural exchange between Australia and Vietnam

The longstanding collaboration between Vietnam and Australia is enabling opportunities in arts, music, and understanding cultural identities.
09 July 2024

Dracula: a virtuosic performance, sexy staging, and a queer rewriting

Associate Professor Huw Griffiths, in English Literature, reviews Dracula, the final instalment in Kip Williams' gothic trilogy and the last production during his tenure as Artistic Director of the Sydney Theatre Company.
09 July 2024

New research shows life in ancient Saudi Arabia was complex and thriving

A team of researchers led by Jane McMahon from the Discipline of Archaeology find new evidence that shifts the perception of how people lived in north-western Saudi Arabia during the Neolithic period.
09 July 2024

You’re a Liberal and You Don’t Even Know It

A new book, reviewed by The New York Times and The Washington Post, by University of Sydney Professor Alexandre Lefebvre investigates how liberalism profoundly shapes our values, beliefs, and daily lives. In Liberalism as a Way of Life, he argues that liberalism informs our moral, psychological, and aesthetic outlooks, and can be the basis for a good, fun, and rewarding way of living.
05 July 2024

Destigmatising dementia with culturally informed translations

As part of an interdisciplinary research initiative to address dementia stigma in Chinese Australian communities, PhD student Zihan He shares about his work in contributing culturally appropriate terms to dementia resources.