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Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation

Bringing together researchers to explore learning and innovation
At Sydney, we are committed to the continual improvement of the learning experience and exploring ways to be more innovative.

About us

Established in January 2016, the Centre aims to provide a focus for the University’s research on learning and innovation. Formed from the Computer Supported Learning and Cognition Centre (CoCo) and the Sciences and Technologies of Learning research network, we have strong roots in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, with substantial involvement from the faculties of Engineering and Information TechnologiesScienceHealth Sciences and Sydney Medical School as well as the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education).

Our aims

We connect researchers who are carrying out fundamental and application-oriented research on learning processes, outcomes and all the factors that influence learning, ranging in scale from neurons to neighbourhoods.

We also connect learning researchers to educational innovators – within the University and in the external communities - and with leading learning centres around the globe, for intellectual exchange and for understanding better the cultural dimensions of learning.

We see innovation as a phenomenon needing greater research. We study how people learn to be more innovative, how they learn to create more innovative cultures and spaces, and how learning and innovation become interwoven. Educational activity is often an integral part of broader programs – for example, in community health or workplace safety initiatives. We use examples of such complex interventions as sites for some of our collaborative, interdisciplinary research.

Our interests

We bring together researchers and practitioners to solve complex problems in learning and innovation. We invite staff, students, and members of the broader community to join our special interest groups and participate in events and research projects. Our groups engage in basic research, as well as public discussion with the wider community. Our groups are:

  • knowledge co-creation
  • neuroscience and education
  • learning analytics
  • student partnerships
  • learning spaces
  • interdisciplinarity.


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