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Institute of Open Adoption Studies

Researching and contributing to best practice in open adoption
The institute builds evidence to inform policy and practice through research with children, young people and families, with a focus on their rights to permanency, continued relationships and connection to culture.

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Special event: Conversations on children and permanency 

Perspectives on relationships over the life span

Wednesday 28 August
5pm to 7.30pm
Auditorium, Administrative Building F23
Eastern Avenue, The University of Sydney

Join in the conversation between Professor Harold Grotevant, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and Associate Professor Amy Conley Wright, The University of Sydney. The discussion will explore learnings from the Minnesota/Texas Adoption Research Project. Led by Professor Grotevant for more than 30 years, the project is a longitudinal research study focusing on the consequences of openness in adoption arrangements for all members of the adoptive kinship network (birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adopted people) and the relationships within these family systems.

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Associate Professor Amy Conley Wright
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  • Sydney School of Education and Social Work: Education Building (A35); Education Annexe (A36); Old Teachers College (A22); Manning Road