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Roundtable seminars

Join us at our roundtable seminar series
Our roundtable seminar series is held every two weeks of semester and has been running since 2009.

The roundtable is a space not only for presenting ideas but also for thinking and discussion. The room is arranged to avoid a didactic talk and audience questions format. Attendees can ask questions at any time and respond to questions and comments by others. Since late 2017, access has extended to associate members of the centre who can livestream roundtables online.

The roundtable provides a space for trying out ideas. There is no one format. It can be a conference paper in development or one already given that would benefit from 90 minutes of engagement. It could be a discussion about early stages of a research project, preliminary analysis, fuller analysis, or a capstone discussion after completion. It can be practical discussion of how LCT is being used in teaching or assessment. Presenters range from new PhD students to experienced professors. Presenters can ask attendees to engage in activities.

If you would like to present your ideas or practice at a roundtable, email the LCT Centre. To livestream the roundtable, become an Associate Member or Postgraduate Associate Member of the LCT Centre.

Semester 1

  • May 8: Saul Richardson, University of Sydney
  • May 22: Professor Mark Maton and Dr Yaegan Doran, University of Sydney

For more information regarding events please visit the LCT centre roundtables page.

To attend the events online, email for the zoom meeting access codes.