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Multicoloured abstract painting

Multilingual Australia

Investigating Australia’s use of language in the past and present
We explore how users of non-English languages experience Australia and examine the role of language in how people engage with and, ultimately, think of themselves as ‘Australian’ – or not.

About us

Australia has always been multilingual in a variety of ways since it was populated by humans. We offer a forum for those who investigate and document how speakers of (mainly non-Indigenous) languages apart from English have recorded and represented Australia.

We expect to explain the basis of what an 'Australian community' might be when this idea is challenged and enriched through the multiple perspectives offered by non-English sources. We regularly meet in reading groups and have been active in seeking prospective collaborative research grants.

Our people


The Multilingual Australia Reading Group holds meetings and talks during the semester. We discuss topics in a workshop-like atmosphere and invite contributions related to the designated theme.

For more information, contact Dr Jim Rheingans:

See our events calendar for upcoming talks and reading groups.

In collaboration with the State Library of New South Wales.