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We offer a range of public lectures throughout the year
These events are a great way to keep in touch with recent archaeological discoveries, as well as the chance to meet like-minded people who are fascinated by archaeology.

NEAF Lectures and seminars

Great archeaologists

NEAF Saturday Seminar Series April/May 2021

The Great Archaeologists

The history of archaeology is marked by significant figures, some for their discoveries that changed the discipline forever, others for the new perspectives gained from their seminal writings, and still others through the sheer force of their personalities.

This Series will examine the lives and times of nine major figures in archaeology, some famous for discovery (Woolley, Petrie, Caton-Thompson, Bass, Mellaart), some for new perspectives on the field (Childe, Brothwell) and some for intrepid early explorations (Stark, Bell). All, through their research, writings and discovery changed the field of archaeology forever.

This fully illustrated lecture series will explore the life and works of a selection of great archaeologists and explorers, discuss their significance to their contemporaries, and how their work is considered today.

Download the series program

10am | Dr James Fraser (British Museum)
Leonard Woolley: Digging up the Past at Carchemish, Ur and Alalakh.

11am | Mrs Maree Browne (Sydney)
Sir Robert Mathew Flinders Petrie ‘The Father of Pots’ and Champion of Small Finds.

10am | Dr Kate da Costa (Sydney)
Two Gertrudes: Gertrude Bell and Gertrude Caton Thompson

11am | Professor Keith Dobney (Sydney)
Don Brothwell: The Birth of Archaeological Science

10am | Dr Catriona Bonfiglioli (Councillor, NEAF and UTS)
Freya Stark: Jewels of the Near East through Freya Stark’s eyes

11am | Dr Joseph Lehner (Sydney)
Beneath the Seven Seas: The Life and Legacy of George Bass (1932-2021)

10am | Professor Roland Fletcher (Sydney)
V Gordon Childe and the University of Sydney

11am | Associate Professsor Phillip Edwards (Latrobe)
One Upon a Time in Anatolia: the extraordinary career of James Mellaart

2021 lecture program

Download the 2021 program calendar (PDF 105kb)
Note: Correct as at 13 January 2021. More details will be provided shortly. 

Stealth Bombers in the Desert: Archaeology in War Zones
Dr Pam Watson | University of New England
24 March 2021

2021 Anthony McNicoll Lectures

Lecture 1 | Assessing the Evidence for the Trojan War: Recent Excavations at Troy
- Saturday | March 6 2021

Lecture 2 | Exploring the Royal Capital of King Midas: Penn’s Excavations at Gordion (Turkey)
- Saturday | March 13 2021

25 November 2020
Collapse, Climate Change and Refugees: The end of the Levantine Early Bronze Age
Dr Melissa Kennedy | University of Western Australia

28 October 2020
The Roman Gaze in Egypt: Mummy Portraits and the Egypto-Roman World
Dr Kate da Costa | The University of Sydney

2 September 2020
Egypt and the East Mediterranean World in the International Age: Warfare, Trade and Foreign Relations
Dr Stephen Bourke | Director, Pella Excavation Project

July 2020
Cosmic to microscopic: Hidden spaces and new evidence from the pyramid field at Giza
Dr Karin Sowada | Macquarie University

May 2020
Cleopatra’s Island: Evidence of Hellenistic Cyprus from Nea Paphos and beyond
Dr Craig Barker | The University of Sydney

April 2020
The Legacy of the Cape Gelidonya Wreck and Bronze Age Maritime Trade in the Mediterranean
Dr Joseph Lehner | The University of Sydney

December 2019
Ghostbusting in Mesopotamia
Professor Irving Finkel | British Museum

October 2019
The Highs and Lows of Life in Roman Mesopotamia
Peter Edwell, Macquarie University

August 2019
Darband-i Rania: Gateway to the Zagros
By Dr Amanda Dusting, University of New England

June 2019
Beneath the Wings of the Thunderbird: Excavating Tello in Southern Iraq
By Dr Jamie Fraser, Nicholson Museum

May 2019
Noble Neighbours: Life in Imperial Cities of the Neo-Assyrian Empire
By Shana Zaia, University of Vienna

April 2019
Hunters of Ustyurt
By Alison Betts, Professor of Silk Road Studies, The University of Sydney

September 2018

Ross Burnes Lecture: Damascus 1918

August - September

Exploring theseven wonders of the ancient world

A NEAF Seminar Series

August 2018

Engineering Internationalism: UNESCO’s Victory in Nubia

By Dr Lynn Meskell

July 2018

The Archaeology of Lawrence in Arabia

by Stephen Bourke

Download lecture outline

June 2018

Houses of Ghosts: Dolmen Tombs in Bronze Age Levant

Lecture and book launch by James Fraser

Download lecture outline

April 2018

The Gunpowder Empires

A NEAF Seminar Series

Download lecture outline

April 2018

The Sakdrisi Gold Mining Complex

A lecture by Thomas Stöllner

Download lecture outline

March 2018

Afghan Daze: Hazy recollections of warlords, looting and the Ghurids

A lecture and book launch by David Thomas

Download lecture outline

November 2017

Inaugural J. Basil Hennessy Lecture

by Stephen Bourke

Download lecture outline

October 2017

Lustre: The Pearl Trade in Antiquity

by Deborah Hope

Download lecture outline

September 2017

The Origins of Money: Silver Sources in the Ancient World

by Dr Gil Davis

Download lecture outline

August 2017

Cargoes of Cloth: Textile trade in the ancient world

by Christina Sumner

Download lecture outline

July 2017

Salt, Stone, Spice and Silk: Trade in the Ancient World

A NEAF Seminar Series

Download seminar outline

May 2017

Lapis Lazuli: King of the Blues. The Stone that Rocked the World

by Dr Wendy Reade

Download lecture outline

May 2017

From Cordoba to Kashgar: Islamic Cultures and the Wider World

A NEAF Seminar Series

Download seminar outline

March 2017

The Archaeology of Western Asia today: Challenges, old and new

by Professor Barbara Helwing

Download lecture outline

November 2016

Aleppo: A Lost City?

by Dr Ross Burns

Download lecture outline

September 2016

The Nabataeans Beyond Petra: New Insights into Ancient Arabia from Jordan’s Desert Inscriptions and Rock Carvings

by Glenn J. Corbett

Download lecture outline

August 2016

From Cordoba to Kashgar

A NEAF Seminar Series

Download lecture outline

July 2016

Ice Age Villagers of the Levant: Sedentism and Social Connections in the Natufian Period

by Dr Phillip Edwards

Download lecture outline

May 2016

Fire Temples and Towers of Silence: Zoroastrian Architectural Legacies

by Prof Alison Betts

Download lecture outline

April 2016

The Visible Dead: Dolmens and the landscape in Bronze Age Levant

by James Fraser

Download lecture outline

March 2016

The Foundations of Western Civilisations

The First Millennium CE.

Download lecture outline

March 2016

NEAF 2016 AGM: Shangri-La Beneath a Summer Moon

A film by the Kashmir Prehistory Project.

Download lecture outline