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Teacher accreditation pathways

Increasing language teacher supply
The 3000 volunteer teachers in NSW community language schools represent a valuable resource for languages education. We develop pathways to accreditation for these teachers, increase language teacher supply and professional learning across all educational sectors.

The lack of information about further study or career is the main barrier for volunteer teachers finding employment or further study in Australia. Our research indicates 80% of teachers have tertiary qualifications and most want to be teachers in Australia - only 3% have managed to do this.

We employ bilingual careers advisers who can provide free advice to community languages teachers.

Services offered include help in planning career paths, accessing opportunities for further study and gaining credit for overseas qualifications.

Master of Teaching upgrading programs are offered by Western Sydney University and ACU Blacktown for teachers in community languages schools who have qualifications from overseas institutions that are not recognised in Australia.

Over 70 teachers are completing their Masters program and will soon be accredited teachers. These programs are available in alternative modes: on weekends, online and during school holidays.

We will help assess your qualifications, provide careers' advice and English-language support and, if appropriate, will organise English-language testing for you.

If you have an undergraduate degree but not recognised teacher training, this program may be for you.

Visit the MTeach website for more information and to regsiter your interest

Under NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) guidelines, native speakers of a language are eligible to be accredited language teachers if they have evidence from an Australian university of their level of proficiency.

SICLE conducts the Verification of Language Proficiency Test (VLPT) in 12 languages. This is available to people who have been accepted into Master of Teaching programs, as well as practising teachers who wish to add "Teaching Languages" as a teaching method.

More than 100 applicants have been tested since 2020 and all successfully attained the standard required.

Register your interest in sitting the Verifying Language Proficiency Test

We conduct the Community Language Teacher Test (CLTT) on behalf of the NSW Department of Education.

This testing is funded by the department and is provided exclusively for NESA-accredited K–6 teachers. Doing well in this exam is a pathway for qualified teachers to gain permanent positions. 

If you are interested in taking the test and have existing approval to teach with the NSW Department of Education (DoE), you need to register for the test by emailing the DoE.

Together these tests represent a significant step in increasing the supply of languages teachers and accrediting people with existing skills.