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Education and social work

Book cover of Research in Mathematics

Research in Mathematics Education in Australasia 2016–2019

Jennifer Way, C. Attard, Judy Anderson, Janette Bobis, Heather McMaster, Katherin Cartwright (Eds.), Springer (2020)

This critical review of Australasian mathematics education research draws on the collective expertise of 57 members of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia to identify achievements, trends and future directions in research. The volume continues the tradition, begun in 1984, of producing a valuable research reference guide every four years. Read more

Cover of Professional Communication for early childhood educators

Professional communication for early childhood educators

Marianne Fenech and Jennifer Ribarovski, Oxford University Press (Apr 2020)

This book provides preservice and graduate early childhood teachers with both a theoretical understanding and a toolkit of practical skills to effectively communicate with families, colleagues and other stakeholders. The book provides essential reading that supports teachers to develop and sustain effective interpersonal and workplace relations whilst working in complex and challenging teaching environments. Read more

Social and political sciences

Book cover of The New Despotism

The New Despotism

John Keane, Harvard University Press (Dec 2020)

Reviewed so far in over a dozen countries, The New Despotism (Harvard University Press, 2020) is a thrilling account of regimes such as Putin's Russia, Erdogan's Turkey, Khamenei's Iran and Xi Jinping's China. It revives the old term 'despotism' to throw new light on the way these regimes of top-down control manage to win the loyalty of their subjects, and why they're more resilient than most outside observers suppose. The book is also a warning, not only about how these new despotisms threaten the values and institutions of power-sharing democracy, but why despotism is much closer to home than we care to admit. Read more

Cover of Morrison's Miracle

Morrison's Miracle: The 2019 Australian Federal Election

Anika Gauja, ANU Press (Jul 2020)

Morrison’s Miracle brings together 36 experts in the fields of Australian elections, politics, media and democracy to analyse the 2019 federal election. The contributions examine the key issues and controversies that shaped the election, including the reliability of polling, reporting trends in the media, social media and ground campaigns, voting behaviour among younger voters and those from culturally diverse backgrounds, the role of leadership and personalisation and the electoral laws that shape election campaigns in Australia. Based on original research, these in-depth analyses shed important light on a contest that has surprised and confounded many political commentators. Read more.



Cover of Journal of money credit and banking

Nominal GDP Targeting with Heterogeneous Labor Supply

J. Bullard and Aarti Singh, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (2020), 52(1), 37-77

We study nominal gross domestic product (GDP) targeting as optimal monetary policy in a model with a credit market friction following Azariadis et al. (2018), henceforth ABSS. We extend the ABSS framework to allow for heterogeneous labor supply. We show that nominal GDP targeting continues to characterize optimal monetary policy in this setting. Read more

Equilibrium coalitional behavior

Mert Kimya, Theoretical Economics (2020), 15(2), 669-714

I develop two related solution concepts for studying dynamic coalition formation. Both concepts assume that individuals choose their actions optimally along an objection path by considering the ultimate consequence of their actions. The solution concepts do not require, but may use, the negotiation procedure underlying coalition formation. Therefore, they form a link between the non-cooperative and the cooperative approaches to foresight. Read more

Philosophical and historical inquiry

Cover of Being Evil

Being Evil: A Philosophical Perspective

Luke Russell, Oxford University Press (Nov 2020)

Is it naïve or misguided to believe that evil exists, or should we be willing to condemn the actions of serial killers, terrorists, and war criminals as evil? In this book Russell engages with some common objections to the concept of evil, and tries to show that, when used carefully, this concept plays an important role in contemporary secular moral thought. Read more

Book cover: Animals in Ancient Greek Religion

Animals in Ancient Greek Religion

Julia Kindt, Routledge (Aug 2020)

In this book Julia Kindt brings together an international cast of scholars to offer the first systematic study of the role of animals in ancient Greek religion. The book shows that animals did not just feature in ancient Greek sacrificial practices (as is widely acknowledged) but also in temple healing,  divination, dedications, prayer, myth, and magic. The book shows that ancient Greek religion defines what it means to be human not just in relation to the gods, but also the animal as a third category of being. Read more

Literature, art and media

Book cover: The Founder of Manichaeism

The Founder of Manichaeism: Rethinking the Life of Mani

Iain Gardner, Cambridge Unviersity Press (2020)

Mani was a third-century visionary from Persian Mesopotamia whose community of followers (‘Manichaeism’) spread along the trade routes of Eurasia, influencing the development of many other religions from the Roman Empire to Early Modern China.  The historical biography of its founder was largely lost to modern scholarship until remarkable textual discoveries from sites as diverse as the Egypt, Central Asia and Fujian began to transform our understanding of a figure who had been uniquely vilified by his opponents.  This book is based on the Jordan Lectures given by Iain Gardner at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London during 2016. Read more

Book cover: Shakespeare's Body Parts

Shakespeare's Body Parts : Figuring Sovereignty in the History Plays (forthcoming)

Huw Griffiths, Edinburgh University Press (Oct 2020)

In a period when sovereign power was becoming increasingly centralised and absolute, Shakespeare wrote a series of plays that seemed to focus on the individual figure of the “king”. But rather than present us with a single “body politic”, these plays contain multiple interrelated body parts, confuting any idea of sovereignty as unitary. At the same time as offering detailed literary critical analyses of these disarticulated body parts (hands, heads, knees, throats), Shakespeare’s Body Parts also engages in a conversation with both Renaissance and modern theorists of sovereign power, from Bodin and Hobbes to Benjamin and Derrida.

Languages and cultures

Book cover: Activists in transition

Activists in Transition: Progressive Politics in Democratic Indonesia

Thushara Dibley and Michele Ford (eds), Cornell University Press (Dec 2020)

Activists in Transition examines the ways in which nine different social movements – representing students, anti-corruptionism, labour, land rights, the urban poor, liberal Islam, women and sexual diversity – contributed to the overthrow of Indonesia’s authoritarian regime, and how they have fared in the two decades since. As it argues, their contribution at different time has been quite diverse. Whereas the student, anti-corruption, and labour movements played an important role in destabilizing the regime, the women’s movement and the movement for lesbian and gay rights, have since emerged at the forefront of efforts to challenge Indonesia’s increasing conservatism. Read more

Book cover: The Oxford Handbook of Translation and Social Practices

The Oxford Handbook of Translation and Social Practices

Christine Ji and S. Laviosa, Oxford University Press (2020)

This is the first handbook published by the OUP on socially-oriented translation studies. It includes chapters on a number of diverse, significant social issues that have underscored the development of contemporary empirical translational research at the crossroad of linguistics, public health, law, politics, gender studies, aboriginal rights, environmental studies, computer science and information technology. Read more

Visual arts

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