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Education and social work

Book cover of Everyday Community Practice, Principles & Practice

Everyday Community Practice, Principles & Practice

Amanda Howard and Margot Rawsthorne, Allen & Unwin, 2019

Community engagement, participation and capacity building are becoming increasingly important across a range of professions and sectors. In this book we provide guidance, reflection and practical ideas exploring the theory and practice of working with communities from the beginning right through to evaluation and back again. We explore issues including developing an understanding of community life, supporting community action, managing negotiation and conflict and building productive networks. This book draws on practice experience and is written for anyone seeking to encourage positive and last change in community-oriented practice. Find out more.

Cover of Drama-rich pedagogy and becoming deeply literate

Drama-rich pedagogy and becoming deeply literate 

Robyn Ewing, Drama Australia Monograph No. Twelve

Too often in western education policy and practice literacy has been defined as a reductive set of technical skills that, once acquired, remain constant in our lives. This monograph examines what it means to understand and make meaning in deep and complex ways. Through an analysis of current research and successful national and international  programs and practices the powerful role drama-rich teaching and learning can and should play in the development of deep literacies is explored and celebrated. Find out more.

Social and political sciences

Book cover of Remaking Monetary Policy in China, Markets and Controls 1998-2008

Remaking Monetary Policy in China, Markets and Controls 1998-2008

Michael Beggs and Luke Deer, Palgrave Macmillan, 2019

This book traces the co-evolution of Chinese central banking and finance between the Asian financial crisis and the global crisis of 2008. Policymakers intended to shift away from direct banking controls and towards market-based policy focused on the interbank money market, in line with Western norms. We explain why such policy was unable to control bank lending effectively, why policy returned to heavier reliance on direct controls, and how this strategy ran into its own problems with the rise of Chinese ’shadow banking’. Find out more

Cover of Thirty Years of Failure: Understanding Canadian Climate Policy

Thirty Years of Failure: Understanding Canadian Climate Policy

Robert MacNeil, Fernwood Publishing, 2019

Thirty Years of Failure provides an in-depth account of the political, economic, and cultural reasons why Canada has emerged as one of the world's pre-eminent climate laggards over the past three decades. In so doing, it aims to help academics, activists, and ordinary citizens understand how they can overcome these obstacles, and make Canada a climate leader. Find out more


Cover of Journal of Health Economics

The Effect of Retirement on Elderly Cognitive Functioning

Kadir Atalay, Garry Barrett, A. Staneva, Journal of Health Economics, 66, 37-53

In their most recent paper, Atalay, Barrett and Staneva (2019)  examine the relationship between ageing, cognitive abilities and retirement  in Australia and show that on average retirement has a negative but modest effect on cognition, and the rate of cognitive decline with age is greater for men than women.  Their study further demonstrates how certain behaviours, particularly mental activities, can have a moderating effect on post-retirement cognitive decline. These findings imply that programs actively supporting social engagement of individuals as they transition out of the labour force may be key to reducing cognitive decline and promoting a healthier and more rewarding retirement. Find our more.

Cover of Journal of Human Resources

Labor Supply Elasticities: Overcoming Nonclassical Measurement Error Using More Accurate Hours Data

Garry Barrett, Hamermesh, D, The Journal of Human Resources, 54(1), 225-265

The “labour supply elasticity” measures the responsiveness of hours worked to changes in the wage rate and is one of the most studied parameters in economics. This study presents new estimates of the elasticity using a novel feature of the American Time Use Survey program which measures time worked based on a one-day diary, along with the common survey question on recalled usual work time. Our estimates reveal that the labour supply elasticity estimated with more accurate data is much smaller than traditional estimates, which has important implications for the setting of income tax rates, the design of  conditional cash transfer and universal basic-income schemes and for our understanding of macroeconomic fluctuations. Find out more.

Philosophical and historical inquiry

Cover of Wake of Crows

Wake of Crows: living and dying in shared worldse

Thom van Dooren, Columbia University Press, 2019

The Wake of Crows is an exploration of the entangled lives of humans and crows. From critically endangered island crows, to species deemed to be overabundant pests, it charts some of the contemporary possibilities for shared life emerging in the context of ongoing processes of globalization, colonization, urbanization, and climate change. Grounded in the careful work of paying attention to crows and their people, this book tells stories of extermination and extinction, seeking to imagine and put into practice a multispecies ethics. Find out more.

Book cover: Cultivating a Good Life in Early Chinese and Ancient Greek Philosophy

Cultivating a Good Life in Early Chinese & Ancient Greek Philosophy

Karyn Lai, Rick Benitez and Hyun Jin Kim, Bloomsbury, 2018

Conceptions of a good life are often overly static. They can ignore the fact that life is an activity, and that it is not only lived through but generated by practice and development. This work examines the activity of cultivating a good life, especially through approaches found in ancient Chinese and Greek philosophy. My work focuses particularly on the role of harmony in developing relationships to ourselves and others. Find out more.

Languages and cultures

Book cover: Reading Sima Qian from Han to Song

Reading Sima Qian from Han to Song: The Father of History in Pre-Modern China

Esther Klein, Brill, 2019

In Reading Sima Qian from Han to Song, I explore the life and work of the great Han dynasty (Chinese) historian Sima Qian, as it was seen through the eyes of readers from the Han to the Song dynasties (100 BCE-1200 CE). Today Sima Qian is viewed as both a tragic hero and a literary genius, but premodern Chinese responses to him were more equivocal: the complex personal emotions he expressed prompted readers to worry about whether his work as a historian was morally or politically acceptable. In the book, I demonstrate how controversies over the value and meaning of Sima Qian’s work are intimately bound up with larger issues, such as how should history be written, the role of individual experience and self-expression within that process, and the standards by which the historian’s choices should be judged. Find out more

Book cover: Journeys Exposed

Journeys Exposed: Women’s Writing, Photography & Mobility

Giorgia Alu, Routledge, 2018

Journeys Exposed looks at the entwining of writing with photography in works by contemporary women authors. It does this by examining a corpus of texts that are malleably and variably linked to Italy. The book argues that photography provides women with a supplementary means to expose aspects of their mobile self and of the mobile lives of others within and beyond the writing process. By resorting to the visual women individualistically respond to forms of hegemonic power, fragmentation, displacement, loss and marginality and make these experiences key to their creative production. Find out more

Literature, art and media

Book cover: Still Here

Still Here: Memoirs of Trauma, Illness and Loss

Bunty Avieson, Fiona Giles and Sue Joseph, Routledge, 2019

This international collection of scholarly essays investigates the role and practices in contemporary culture of memoirs that focus on illness, death, loss and other trauma. It provides a range of perspectives crossing cultural boundaries and disciplines, including writing studies, journalism, autobiography and the health humanities. From Walt Whitman’s Civil War diaries to stories told at the kitchen table after Hurricane Katrina, through social media posts sent from a refugee detention centre, to poetry by exiles fleeing war zones, the collection investigates trauma memoir writing as healing, as a documentation of suffering, and as political activism. Find out more

Book cover: On Interpretive Conflict

On Interpretive Conflict

John Frow, The University of Chicago Press, 2019

On Interpretive Conflict explores four case studies where sharply different sets of values come into play—gun control, anti-Semitism, the religious force of images, and climate change. In each case, it lays out the way these controversies unfold within interpretive regimes that establish what counts as an interpretable object and the protocols of evidence and proof that should govern it. Whether applied to questions of scientific method, a Shakespeare play or a Supreme Court case, interpretation, it argues, is at once rule-governed and inherently conflictual. Find out more

Visual arts

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