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Education and social work

Book cover of Nonprofits in policy advocacy

Nonprofits in policy advocacy: Their strategies and stories

Sheldon Gen, Amy Conley Wright, Palgrave Macmillan (2020)

In Nonprofits in policy advocacy: Their strategies and stories, authors Sheldon Gen & Amy Conley Wright (Palgrave Macmillan, August 2020) draw on surveys and interview with a broad range of U.S. nonprofit organisations across the United States to empirically derive six advocacy strategies used to seek policy change. These strategies fall along a spectrum from emphasis on influencing formal policy actors to grassroots citizens, and are discussed in relation to theories of the policy making process.  Each strategy is illustrated with stories of real policy advocacy campaigns addressing issues including environmental protection, civil rights, and youth. Read more

Cover of The promotion of education

The promotion of education: A critical cultural social marketing approach

Valerie Harwood, Nyssa Murray, Palgrave Macmillan (2020)

This book reports on collaborative research into the promotion of education by Valerie Harwood (SSESW) and Dunghutti Woman Nyssa Murray (Honorary, SSESW), funded by an Future Fellowship. The book describes Critical Cultural Social Marketing, developed by the authors to create a unique method for promoting education for parents with young children in communities where there is educational disadvantage. The book describes Lead My Learning ( an education promotion campaign and explains how the authors used an Aboriginal guided approach that was inclusive of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Read more

Social and political sciences

Book cover of Youth Culture and Identity in Northern Thailand

Youth Culture and Identity in Northern Thailand: Fitting In and Sticking Out

Anjalee Cohen, Routledge (2020)

Youth Culture and Identity in Northern Thailand examines how young people in urban Chiang Mai construct an identity at the intersection of global capitalism, state ideologies and local culture. Based on extensive ethnographic research, Anjalee Cohen explores the impact of rapid urbanisation and modernisation on contemporary Thai youth, focusing on two widely problematised youth issues, namely drugs and gangs. The book shows how young Thai people are constructing a specific youth identity through consumerism and symbolic boundaries - in particular through enduring rural/urban distinctions. Through a close examination of their social and cultural practices, Cohen illustrates how Thai youth are reproducing culture as much as they are transforming it. Read more

Cover of Governing Social Protection in the Long Term

Governing Social Protection in the Long Term: The Relationship Between Social Policy and Employment Relations in Australia and New Zealand

Gaby Ramia, Palgrave Macmillan (2020)

Social protection is determined primarily through the interaction of employment relations and social policy. In this book Gaby Ramia compares the evolution of the Australian and New Zealand social protection regimes since 1890, while also exploring implications for other countries and for social protection theory. He argues that allowing employment relations to be dynamic, and to interact with long-term changes in social policy, allows for more accurate comparative analyses. Read more



Cover of European Economic Review

Natural shocks and marriage markets: Fluctuations in mehr and dowry in Muslim marriages

Shyamal Chowdhury, D. Mallick, P. Roy Chowdhury, European Economic Review, 128 (September 2020)

In this research we examine how two marriage market payments, mehr and dowry have evolved in Bangladesh due to natural shocks. We develop a model of the marriage market and show that mehr and dowry are both increasing (decreasing) in shocks that raise (lower) income. We then exploit several natural experiments in Bangladesh (and the West Bengal state of India) including the Green Revolution in the 1960s, war of independence in 1971, and famine of 1974 to explain fluctuations in the value of mehr and dowry observed in Muslim marriages. Our results demonstrate that natural shocks may affect social institutions. Read more

Cover of Journal of Econometrics

Testing for Stationarity at High Frequency

B. Jiang, Ye Lu and J.Y. Park, Journal of Econometrics, 215(2), 341-374

The increasingly available high-frequency data have been such a blessing as more data certainly implies richer information. This paper, however, tells a cautionary tale to researchers who would like to apply high-frequency data to exisiting statistical tools, such as KPSS test commonly used in macroeconomic and financial time series studies. It demonstrates that the test at high frequency could yield spurious results and one cannot reap the benefits from using more abundant data unless appropriate adjustments such as those suggested by this paper are made. Read more

Philosophical and historical inquiry

Cover of The Ends of Empire

The Ends of Empire: The Last Colonies Revisited

Robert Aldrich, John Connell, Palgrave Macmillan (2020)

What do Christmas Island, New Caledonia and Gibraltar have in common?  They count among 50 overseas territories of European states, the USA, Australia and New Zealand that are remnants of old colonial empires.  This interdisciplinary study explores their recent history and analyses such contemporary issues as international conflicts over sovereignty, clandestine migration, tourism, the environment and cultural identity in these outposts.  It argues that semi-sovereignty brings benefits to the territories that would be endangered or disappear with full independence. Read more

Book cover: Reattachment Theory

Reattachment Theory: Queer Cinema of Remarriage

Lee Wallace, Duke University Press (2020)

Reattachment Theory upturns gay marriage debates by approaching them from the perspective of Hollywood remarriage comedy, a genre famously identified by the philosopher Stanley Cavell as a popular response to the de-legitimation of marriage brought about by the historical rise of divorce. Wallace begins from the supposition that in a period in which conventional ideas about marriage are being challenged by the popular success of the marriage equality movement, it is not surprising to see the emergence of a new subgenre of films that similarly seek to reset the terms by which marriage is understood, namely fidelity, commitment and endurance. Thinking about gay marriage as remarriage ultimately allows Wallace to argue that, post marriage equality, all marriage is gay marriage. Read more

Literature, art and media

Book cover: Stag and Stone

Stag and Stone: Religion, Archaeology and Esoteric Aesthetics (forthcoming)

Jay Johnston, Equinox Pubishing (2021)

Stag and Stone interrogates the dialogue between the study of religion and material culture through a series of ‘troublesome’ case studies, objects and places that bewilder and perplex the common bounds of traditional understanding.  Recent developments in theory regarding agency and aesthetics are further developed to open new spaces for interdisciplinary analysis and offer insights of relevance to both practitioners and researchers.  Discussion is lively and ranges from theoretical archaeology to human-animal studies and art history. Read more

Book cover: Digital Media Practices in Households

Digital Media Practices in Households: Kinship through Data

Larissa Hjorth, Kana Ohashi, Jolynna Sinanan, Heather Horst, Sarah Pink, Fumitoshi Kato, Baohua Zhou, Amsterdam University Press (2020)

Based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork in Tokyo, Shanghai and Melbourne, this book provides the first comparative study of digital practices within intergenerational families. The volume explores how households are being understood, articulated and defined by practices through locative media, self-tracking and quantified self apps and their implications for maintaining care at a distance. Read more

Languages and cultures

Book cover: Holocaust Memory and Racism in the Postwar World

Holacaust Memory and Racism in the Postwar World

Shirli Gilbert and Avril Alba, Wayne State University Press (2019)

Holocaust Memory and Racism in the Postwar World historicises and critically examines the often made associations between the memory of the Holocaust and other racial struggles. The authors consider a diverse range of case studies that challenge the notion that there is an unproblematic connection between this memory and the discourse of anti-racism. In forging a deeper understanding of how the Holocaust has shaped engagement with racism from the 1940s until the present, the work demonstrates that only greater critical engagement with this memory will allow it to be more effectively deployed in and for the present. Read more


Book cover: Reform, Revolution and Crisis in Europe

Reform, Revolution and Crisis in Europe: Landmarks in History, Memory and Thought

Bronwyn Winter, Cat Moir (eds), Routledge (2019)

This interdisciplinary edited collection takes as its starting point some major events in European history, which have not only shaped Europe but also brought about important developments in world history and politics: the Protestant Reformation (1517), the Congress of Berlin (1878), the Russian Revolution (1917) and the creation of the European Union (1957). Rather than simply retelling these historical moments, the book explores lasting impacts, rememberings, revisitings and memorialisations of these events and related historical landmarks, as responses to different moments of political or intellectual crisis in subsequent European history, including today. The book’s ten chapters are organised conceptually into three sections: Reformation, Revolution, and Crisis. Joining contributing editors Bronwyn Winter and Cat Moir are chapter authors Christina Petterson, Maria Veber, Roger D. Markwick, Keith Rathbone, Robert Boncardo, Nina Markovic Khaze. Elizabeth Rechniewski and Clémence Fourton. Read more

Visual arts

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