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Sydney Workshop on Experimental Economics and Theory

July 25-26 2019

The School of Economics at the University of Sydney will host a workshop on Experimental Economics and Theory. The workshop will bring together researchers working in the space of behavioural and experimental economics.

Professor Moffatt, one of the workshop's keynote speakers, will give a mini-course in experimetrics on 24 July.

Keynote speakers

Professor Onur Keston, Carnegie Mellon University 

Onur Kesten received his PhD in economics from the University of Rochester in 2005 and completed his post-doctorate at Harvard University in 2006 under the supervision of Nobel Laureate Alvin Roth.  He is the recipient of the BP Junior Faculty Chair, Faculty Giving Chairs and won Richard Cyert Teaching award as well as the Lave-Weil prizes at Carnegie Mellon.  His research focuses on market design and game theory. He has studied high schools and college admissions systems in the United States, China, Turkey, Sweden,  Ukraine, and Saudi Arabia. His research was published in journals such as Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Political Economy, Theoretical Economics, and Journal of Economic Theory. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of journal of Review of Economic Design and associate editor at various other journals.

Professor Bettina Klaus, University of Lausanne

Bettina Klaus is the Professor of Microeconomic Theory at the Faculty of Business and Economics of University of Lausanne. She received her PhD from the University of Maastricht in 1998 and has worked in the US (University of Lincoln Nebraska), Spain (Autonoma de Barcelona), and The Netherlands (University of Maastricht) before moving to Switzerland in 2009. Her research focuses on Fair Division, Market Design, Matching Theory, and Social Choice Theory.

Professor Peter Moffatt, University of East Anglia 

Peter Moffatt is Professor of Econometrics at the University of East Anglia, UK.  His research specialism is Experimetrics, that is, the econometric analysis of data from Economic Experiments.  He is author of the 2015 textbook Experimetrics published by Palgrave Macmillan, and is renowned for delivering Masterclasses in Experimetrics all over the world.  He also has research interests in other areas such as the study of risk attitude using data from large surveys, analysis of the repayment performance of bank borrowers, and the theory of the consumer

Professor Andy Schotter, New York University 

Andrew Schotter is a Professor of Economics at New York University and the Director of the Center for Experimental Social Science. He received his BS degree from Cornell University in 1969 and his Ph.D from New York University in 1973. Professor Schotter is the author of numerous articles and is also the author of six books including the “Economic Theory of Social Institutions”, “Free Market Economics: A Critical Appraisal”, and “Microeconomics: A Modern Approach”. He has served as an Associate editor of Econometrica, Management Science, Experimental Economics, and Games and Economic Behavior and was a former president of the Economic Science Association. He is also the general editor of The Handbook of Economic Methodologies published by Oxford University Press and was selected as an Economic Theory Fellow of the Society for Advancement of Economic Theory in July 2011.

Call for papers

You are now invited to submit your abstracts to this upcoming workshop. The deadline for consideration is 15 May 2019. The final program will be announced by 22 May 2019.

Registration and fees

Once the program has been finalised, participants will be invited to register. A link will be made available on the website after 22 May.  

Both the workshop and mini-course are offered free of cost. This includes the workshop dinner on 25 July. As such, there are no conference fees, but presenters and participants are responsible for their own expenses including transportation and lodging.


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