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Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture

Facilitating discussion about modern and contemporary writing
Our group seeks to develop intellectual and creative ties with contemporary practitioners of all kinds.

About us

The Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture (MACLAC) research group comprises academic staff and students from the Discipline of English, the School of Art, Communication and English and from other institutional and non-institutional organisations.

Through our collective engagement we facilitate research-led practice in undergraduate teaching and the strengthening of expertise among our postgraduate candidates. With regular meetings, an online network, our projected activity in publishing, conferencing as well as forms of poetic practice, we aim to create intellectual networks alongside the usual academic activities of teaching and research.

We meet regularly to discuss our research and focus on a selection of readings that form the basis for a discussion about poetics, modernity and contemporary writing. We’re particulary interested in formal questions in conceptual writing, avant-gardism, experimentalism, radical writing, manifestos, -isms, and in changing critical frameworks for discussing Modernist literature and contemporary writing practices. 

We provide a focused space for our members who teach at various levels and in multiple departments across the University of Sydney.

Join us. We meet:

First Friday of each month, 3pm to 4.30pm 

Rogers Room

John Woolley Building A20



  • Andy Carruthers
  • Sam Mognine
  • Pam Brown
  • Caroline Burns
  • Carissa Chye
  • Toby Fitch
  • Lachlan Mackenzie 
  • Liz Pender
  • Chris Rudge
  • Adelaide Sheridan


Dr Melissa Hardie

Mark Steven