Chair of Department's Welcome

Associate Professor Ian Maxwell

At the Department of Theatre & Performance Studies we study the making, presentation and viewing of theatre and performance in all the usual, weird and wonderful places it occurs. We look at play texts, political rallies, pop stars, theories of acting and dancing bodies for what their study can help us understand about a culture, a people and a time. We engage with contemporary performing artists – watching what they do and asking how and why they do it – and we look at the world through the lens of performance, exploring what performance theory can reveal about the way we live, what we believe and why we believe it.

This booklet will help you understand the range and depth of what we study within the Department of Theatre & Performance Studies, but what it won’t tell you is how passionate and engaged my colleagues are in their teaching and research within the field. Our staff are internationally recognised researchers in the fields of theatre, dramaturgy, social & restorative justice, dance, community theatre, music and sport; and we all encourage an engaged approach to learning.

Theatre & Performance Studies is a rigorous discipline that will help you examine and explain the workings of your world and the worlds of others in interesting ways; and, as a by product of our fascination with theatre, performance, and all things performative, we do tend to have a lot of fun on the way.

Associate Professor Ian Maxwell
Chair of Department