Dr Jennifer Genion

Jennifer Genion who has a BA (Hons.) and a Doctorate in Philosophy in French Studies from the University of Sydney was the research assistant and administrator of the Baudin Legacy project during the funding of the project between 2005 and 2009. She oversaw the diverse aspects of the project, including the transcription and translation of the journals, the bibliographies, the development of the website and the newsletter. She documented the holdings of the Australian Museum Research Library and the N.S.W. State Reference Library, the Mitchell Library and the Dixson collection, and co-authored a paper with Professor Margaret Sankey: Miroirs de la documentation française : l’historiographie australienne à la recherche de l’exploration française de notre continent, A la conquête des Terres Australes (1800-1804): de la collecte à la connaissance, Muséum d’Histoire naturelle du Havre, forthcoming.