Dr Nicole Starbuck

Email: nicole.starbuck@adelaide.edu.au

Nicole Starbuck currently teaches history at the University of Adelaide. She specialises in the late eighteenth to mid-nineteenth-century history of the Europeans in the South Pacific, and is particularly interested in the culture of discovery and cross-cultural contact. In 2009, under the supervision of Jean Fornasiero, John West-Sooby and Margaret Sankey, and thanks to a scholarship awarded by the Baudin Legacy Project, she completed her PhD thesis entitled Constructing the "Perfect" Voyage: Nicolas Baudin at Port Jackson, 1802. The thesis delves into the mechanics and culture of maritime exploration and provides insight into the character and ambition of Baudin himself through a close analysis of the expedition's five-month stay in colonial New South Wales. It closely examines Baudin's manner of command, his relations with the English, his supervision of the expedition's scientific work, his preparations for the second campaign, and the role that this pivotal episode played in the French voyage. Based on her research concerning the Port Jackson stay, Nicole has also presented papers at both interstate and international conferences, including the conference held at the Royal Academy of Brussels in September 2009. She is currently preparing a book on the Baudin expedition for Picking and Chatto.

Publications on the Baudin expedition

Articles and Chapters

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