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Language Ability Test

Teach your native language in high school
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The Sydney School of Education and Social Work, in conjunction with the School of Languages and Cultures, is offering an opportunity for native language speakers to gain official verification of their skills as part of the entry requirements for a teaching degree.

About the test

  • The Langauge Ability Test will assess your competencies in reading, writing, speaking, listening and cultural knowledge.
  • Prospective students who score high in the test can lodge their results as part of their application to the Master of Teaching (Secondary).
  • The test result can also be submitted to the NSW Education Standards Authority as part of their teacher application, after completing their initial teacher education (ITE) degree.
  • This test involves an in-person assessment for half a day, and would incur a fee of $300 in 2019 and $400 in 2020. If you are interested in taking the test, please click on this link.

Find out more and register for the test.