Student studying in the Quadrangle.

Arts and Social Sciences Scholarships

Helping you achieve your goals and dreams
We offer over 100 scholarships across our undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees. These are available to you as a new student about to enrol, as a current student and as a graduate.

Our wide range of scholarships are designed to recognise potential, assist those in need and reward high achievement. Our scholarship programs provide financial freedom and support for arts and social sciences students at all levels.

As well as the financial benefit, scholarships offer opportunities to:

  • connect with our academic staff and other scholars
  • undertake an internship or research opportunity while you study
  • help you to graduate with a highly regarded degree and strong employment opportunities.

Whether you want to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate and/or research studies, we invite you to explore the scholarships available to help you achieve your goals.

International students

We are committed to helping our international students achieve their goals in education. These scholarships offer the opportunity to study abroad in Australia.

Domestic students

The University of Sydney welcomes bright minds from throughout Australia. We offer many scholarships to support local students.

There are over 50 undergraduate scholarships available to Arts and Social Sciences students. Visit our Scholarships website for details on what’s available, opening and closing dates, and your eligibility.

We offer numerous scholarships for postgraduate students studying with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. For a full list, including application deadlines and criteria please visit the Scholarships website.

The University offers scholarships to help students fund their research studies. To find out what’s available and for more information on eligibility, please visit our Scholarships website

University prizes are awarded annually for academic achievement in particular units of study and degrees. Applications are not required as students will be nominated by the faculty based on mid-year and end-of-year academic results. 

Learn more about the University and faculty prizes on offer on our Scholarships website.