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Bianca Farmakis – Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications), English major

Bianca Farmakis –

As a final year media and communications student, majoring in English, Bianca has been attending the Sydney Writer’s Festival every year from the first time her mother told her to go and paid for the tickets. Since then, she’s loved all forms of literature, from the contemporary works of iconic Australian and international authors like Christos Tsiolkas and Call Me By Your Name’s André Aciman to the one’s Robin William’s Mr Keating stands on a desk and talks about in Dead Poet’s Society.

With a keen interest in domestic and foreign politics, gender equality and fashion – because they’re all avenues in which you can boast a strong opinion – Bianca spends her time between studying and general socialising, striving to be a journalist with a subjective heart of gold.

Having previously written for News Corp, Buzzfeed and Bauer-Media, Bianca keeps up to date with the latest political faux pas’ and celebrity feuds in a ceaseless quest for knowledge. Recently returning from a stint in Tokyo as a Foreign Correspondent intern at Agence-France Presse, Bianca had the thrill of adapting to different literary and news environment’s in her published experience. And eating some of the best sushi in the world.

Citing an encyclopaedic knowledge of decent brunch places in the Sydney metropolitan area as her most impressive, and possibly only skill, you can typically find Bianca stuck somewhere between Surry Hills, a long black and a penguin classic.

Growing up in cities known for their literary contemporaries, and rich cultural history, Bianca was influenced by the works of talented writers both past and present. Sadly, she’s much better at reading their work than emulating it and looks forward to continuing this tradition once again at the annual Sydney Writer’s Festival.

Haydn Hickson – Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) Film Studies and Marketing major

Haydn Hickson

Haydn Hickson is currently in his third year of a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) majoring in Film Studies and Marketing degree. He’s currently a presenter, blog contributor and a member of the executive team for the University of Sydney’s radio station, SURG FM.

After his degree, Haydn hopes to use his radio skills to embody the ‘hip’ media professional, working his dream job as a commercial radio presenter at BBC Radio One. However, he will also be content being a music journalist or podcaster, if the aforementioned fails. His major in film studies initially had its origins in an English major.

Obsessed with deconstructing texts, he will gladly over-analyse the significance of the mis-en-scene of a Marvel film if you ask him too. Nevertheless, some still call him a bookworm. He’s currently reading Call Me By Your Name and can’t wait to fangirl over André Aciman at the Sydney Writers’ Festival. But on any other given day you can catch him reading a long-form feature journalism article or a mystery novel. Nothing too scary through.

Interestingly, his marketing major also began from a passion of deconstructing texts. He’s always wanted to pursue advertising as a career since a little boy when he fell in love with the hyper-active style of doll advertisements. However, if he did end up working in marketing, he hopes it would be in the creative side of the industry.