TimeMap Map Animations (in-depth)

These examples represent a history of our map animation work, from early experiments with one-off animations using high-end hardware and software (1997), to automatic animation from spatial data on-the-fly by TMJava (2004).

Automated SWF (ACL, 2004)

aotumated SWF

This animation illustrates the generation of a Macromedia Flash (.swf) file on-the-fly by the TMJava server. Although it does not have the visual quality of the Khmer and Silla TimeMap animations, its production is completely automatic - anyone can generate one. In Nov 2004 we built a new SWF generator which provides full interactivity - zooming and panning, object links, legend, layer control, play controls and incremental data loading - directly from datasets registered in the ECAI clearinghouse. [[Automatic generation (SWF 1.4Mb)

Khmer TimeMap (ACL, 2003/2004 - note, takes some time to load)

Khmer timemap

In collaboration with University of Kyoto and ECAI Southeast Asia at Berkeley, TimeMap was used to create a through-time animation of the political geography of Southeast Asian empires and the Khmer empire in particular. Funding for the project was provided by the University of Kyoto's Centre for Southeast Asian Studies.
Flash animation (SWF 1.2Mb)

Korea TimeMap (ACL, 2002)

Korea timemap

A demonstration animation - the displayed map is the first stage in the project. Please note that this map predates corrections and additions advised to the ACL team by the NIKH team in 2002 during meetings in Seoul. Any errors in the displayed demonstration map are the responsibility of Associate Professor Roland Fletcher, the co-ordinator for the ACL team.
Flash animation (SWF 1.3Mb)

Chinese Dynasties (ACL, 2000)

China dynasties

This animation is created from the TimeMap Viewer applications 'create AVI' function.
TimeMap Animated Sequence (AVI 10Mb)

Manchu 1583-1660 (ACL, 1998)


These animations are created directly from GIS data using custom programs developed by the ACL. The programs create temporal interpolations and generate bitmap frames directly from the GIS interface, running on a Pentium PC.
MapInfo Animation (AVI 750Kb)

Yuan-Ching (Sydney VISLAB, 1998)


This animation was created through manual assembly of extent polygons using transitions and masking functions in Houdini on an SGI graphics workstation. Animation constructed by Ben Simons of Sydney VISLAB.
Houdini Animations (AVI 31Mb) or (WMV 450Kb)

Mongol Empire CE 1100 - 1400 (ACL, 1997)


The Mongol Empire animation is a simple outline on a satellite backdrop. These are the first animations carried out by the TimeMap project. They involve from a few days to several weeks of individual programming using the Houdini graphics package on an SGI graphics workstation.
(AVI 24Mb)

Mughal Empire CE 1500-1850


The Mughal Empire animation is a later effort with transparency - note the areas under revolt as the empire stretches beyond its capacity to control.
(AVI 10Mb)

City of Baghdad CE 750-1400

City of Baghdad

In the Baghdad animation, white represents the settled area of the city, colours represent areas in course of settlement/abandonment. Animation constructed by Ben Simons of Sydney VISLAB.
(Quicktime 3Mb)