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Woolcock neurosleep clinic

Uncovering the causes of diseases and finding the best treatments

The Woolcock clinics specialise in helping people with sleep and breathing problems. We offer the very latest approaches in care in an internationally recognised medical institute at the forefront of health research.

What we do

Researchers at NeuroSleep focus on understanding the biology of sleep, maintaining sleep health and examining the relationship between sleep and a healthy brain. Sleeping problems often occur in neurological and mental health disorders. They can also be an early indicator of disease, assisting in their diagnosis. As such, we collaborate with research clinics across the Brain and Mind Centre and University of Sydney.

Located at the Brain and Mind Centre, the Woolcock Neurosleep Clinic focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and mental health problems. We have a dedicated team of neurologists, psychiatrists, geriatricians, and rehabilitation and sleep specialists providing comprehensive care for patients.



Woolcock NeuroSleep Clinic

  • (02) 9114 0010
  • 431 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW 2037, Sydney, Australia