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Postgraduate programs

Postgraduate study preparing you to shape the future

Our coursework and research postgraduate programs are multidisciplinary. With a rigorous curriculum and access to excellent facilities for researchers, these programs prepare you for leadership in brain and mind sciences.

Postgraduate program by coursework

The postgraduate program by coursework in Brain and Mind Sciences builds on existing undergraduate offerings of the University of Sydney. We provide students multidisciplinary training from internationally recognised leaders and an education environment that offers a unique, interdisciplinary brain and mind science curriculum.


There has been a dramatic drop in fees for the Continuing Medical Education (non-degree) psychiatry programme. This will now be $6,055 spread across three years- $865 per unit of study (7 units in total) and $250 for the Forensic Psychiatry module.

All are required to complete the Formal Education Course requirements of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. Please see below to find out about the CME pathways.

The Master of Brain and Mind Sciences develops clinical and neuroscience knowledge and research, allowing students to choose a path that best suits them.

A Continuing Medical Education (CME) option is available for psychiatry trainees who wish to complete the Formal Education Course but who do not wish to progress towards a degree.

This option does not require University enrolment or assessments and costs around 20 percent of the degree program. Students in locations outside Sydney will be able to participate in classes online.

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Postgraduate degrees by research

In the postgraduate program by research, students undertake a supervised research project working with global leaders in brain and mind sciences. During this course, you will use dedicated research laboratories and clinical services, translating research outputs into cutting-edge, integrated care.

Students at the Brain and Mind Centre can enrol in postgraduate research degrees available in a variety of fields such as science, health sciences, medicine, nursing and psychology. We currently offer the following courses:

The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) is a one-year full-time or or two-year part-time research degree that combines a research project with some coursework. People who take this course generally already have a research project in mind – with a defined topic, study population and research method – and are looking to provide an academic context for their project.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine is a thesis-based research degree that allows you to explore an area of research interest in depth. It takes a minimum of three years’ full-time or six years’ part-time study to complete.