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Innovative. Responsible. Sustainable.
Through our global community, we develop responsible leaders by creating and mobilising impactful management knowledge to build prosperous, sustainable organisations for a healthy inclusive society.

The University of Sydney Business School prepares our students for future management needs, including emerging and critical technologies such as quantum and generative AI, and for better predicting and influencing how automation and energy transition will disrupt the ways we work and live.

Crucial to achieving our purpose is meaningfully engaging with our ecosystem of alumni, industry, government, social enterprise and academia. These relationships empower us to positively influence our future of inclusive prosperity and contribute to safeguarding our planet.

Our research enables the design of evidence-based policies and contributes to the creation of valuable and sustainable products, services, organisations, markets and industries.

At a glance

Founded in 1920, the first of its kind in Australia, the University of Sydney Business School offers teaching and research across a range of disciplines and is also home to the Institute of Transport and Logistic Studies.

Our community has grown to be truly global with 92,000+ alumni worldwide, 1,000+ students from more than 65 countries and an international workforce of 550+ talented and committed people. We enthusiastically unleash our diversity and expertise in all we do and care about.

Our research disciplines

Education innovation in business

We design and deliver holistic, transformational educational experiences of excellent quality to develop responsible leaders and support their lifelong learning. In our commitment to learners both embarking upon and throughout their career and life journeys, we seek to:

  • Reimagine the undergraduate experience by designing an inclusive and competency-based curriculum that integrates sustainable development perspectives, fosters equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), and develops digital, data and cultural capabilities across programs, teaching and learning practices, and quality assurance processes
  • Accelerate executive education via partnershipsto address critical skills and learning needs for business in Australia and beyond
  • Nurture our diverse and inclusive student community, so all students have opportunities to belong and thrive through enriching experiences and targeted learning support
  • Continue to partner with other organisational units at the University of Sydney to develop and support emerging and future University leaders through the Leadership Academy
  • Transform our provision of lifelong learning via step changes in programs, places and platforms.

Gender equity

We are invigorated by mutual respect and diverse perspectives and approaches. Our commitment to gender equality and advancing women’s education is key to realising our mission. We achieve this by:

  • UN Women National Committee Australia partnership: a joint effort to promote greater equity at the most senior levels of the public, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors.
  • Advancing women’s education – via scholarships and other initiatives, our MBA program became the first in the nation to admit more women than men, a considerable achievement, considering women typically make up approximately 35 per cent of MBA participants in Australia.
  • The Australian Centre for Gender Equality and Inclusion @ Work – a new multidisciplinary research initiative leveraging several decades of research expertise on women’s working lives to establish an action-oriented, practical approach to building a gender equal future of work.

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