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Our people

Transforming the educational experience
Since being established in 1920 our school has grown to include approximately 500 staff made up of teaching, research and professional roles.

Faculty leadership

Our leadership team encompasses representatives from all areas of business, working collaboratively to improve and enhance the faculty’s teaching and research.

Professor Leisa Sargent

Professor Leisa Sargent

Professor Lemuria Carter

Deputy Dean
Professor Lemuria Carter

Suresh Cuganesan

Deputy Dean (Students and External Partnerships)
Professor Suresh Cuganesan

Professor Steven Maguire

Deputy Dean (Research)
Professor Steven Maguire

Peter Bryant

Associate Dean (Education)
Professor Peter Bryant

Danika Wright

Associate Dean (Indigenous Strategy & Services)
Associate Professor Danika Wright

John Shields

Associate Dean (Programs)
Professor John Shields

Professor Betina Szkudlarek

Associate Dean (Research Education)
Professor Betina Szkudlarek

Natalie Downing

Interim Faculty General Manager
Natalie Downing