19 December 2017

GEMBA alumni launches sustainable education for world’s poorest children

Clary Castrission, an alumni of the Business School’s executive education program, has launched a “sustainable” education system in India, which he hopes will eventually improve the lives of millions of underprivileged children around the world.
01 December 2017

How manager preferences impact supply chain sustainability

The growing interest in sustainable practices has made companies rethink the design of their supply chains, writes Behnam Fahimnia. They are now adopting a set of environmental and social performance measures.
14 November 2017

Applying best practice in public transport planning to an urban ferry system

Sydney’s ferry system is a much loved part of the city’s public transport network. But is there a way to make ferries more useful for customers and to have them operate at less cost to the taxpayer? Robin Sandell provides his thoughts.
31 October 2017

Bailing out the banks

Financial markets and institutions play a crucial role in economic progress. Associate Professor Eliza Wu is exploring the effect of government support for these institutions.
26 October 2017

Corridor protection for infrastructure and transport

Peter Thornton explains that we need to get beyond 'planning by marginal electorates' if a truly national infrastructure agenda is to be delivered on time and on budget.
17 October 2017

MBA student profile: Liz Adeniji

Why blend in when you can stand out? Don’t wait for change to come. Be the change that comes. That is my Future Anything.
16 October 2017

Launch your global business career

Postgraduate study in business can open the door to a world of opportunities - whether you want to upskill for the demands of a changing workforce, pursue a new career, gain global experiences or realise a passion.
15 October 2017

MBA student profile: Peter Giurissevich

MBA student Peter Giurissevich, 2017 recipient of the BOSS Emerging Leaders MBA Scholarship, talks about his experiences with the University of Sydney Business School MBA program.
09 October 2017

Meet our innovators

From developing a new way for millennials to save for retirement to connecting pet sitters with pet owners, meet four of our postgraduate students and alumni who are forging careers as innovators and entrepreneurs.
06 October 2017

MBA student profile: Emma Brown

Emma is the recipient of the UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship and a current MBA student.