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A journey into Systems & Design Thinking, Behavioural Ethics and Innovation

Develop your expertise in strategic thinking and co-adaptation
Join academic experts for a four-day intensive Executive Education course covering systems and design thinking, behavioural ethics, complex systems and innovation for leaders in their fields.

Why is this course needed?

We are in an age of change when the systems and models of previous years no longer apply in full or in part, and new models and syntheses of the way we work, live, lead and manage are emerging. With the rapid emergence of new technologies, some of which are being co-driven by artificial intelligence able to make decisions, business as usual no longer suffices and new thinking is needed to understand how these changes will impact on how we will behave in the future and more broadly on society.

This course will show you how to apply this statement to future ethical decision-making strategies. It will help you develop your expertise in systems and design thinking using innovation and agile tools, and learn about co-adaptation - the parallel feedback process by which agents continuously adapt to the changes induced by the adaptive actions of other agents.

Who should attend?

Participants will be leaders in their fields with an interest in the impact of new technologies on society. They will also have a strong interest in dynamic decision-making, complex systems and ethical strategic thinking.

What's in the course? 

This four-day intensive course is designed to encourage participants to consider the role and significance of systems and design thinking when operating in complex environments in which ethics, codes of conduct and innovation are fundamental to understanding future problems and enabling change.

Participants in this course will critically examine how these systems can be applied and developed through case studies focusing on ethics, complex systems and innovation with regard to decision-making: understanding bias, and influencing and communicating values and culture.

Who delivers the course?

The four presenters in this course are senior academics with significant professional experience in systems and design thinking, (behavioural) ethics, psychology, complex systems and innovation.

Course schedule

  • Day 1: Systems & Design Thinking - Complex Systems
  • Day 2: (Behavioural) Ethics and Communication - Dynamic Modelling
  • Day 3: Reacting to and Creating Innovations
  • Day 4: Scenario Simulation Workshop
Course dates: 

November/December 2020

Location: The University of Sydney Business School
Sydney CBD Campus
Level 17, 133 Castlereagh St
Sydney NSW 2000
Cost:  $3,750 ex GST

Program Directors

Associate Professor Jean Bogais

Associate Professor Jean Bogais is a Paris-Sorbonne educated sociologist (PhD) and social & cross-cultural psychologist with over 35-years-experience as an academic and professional working in spaces of violence. His practical experience ranges from senior advisor to the UN to front-line specialist in the Maghreb (North Africa) and Southeast Asia. 

T +61 2 9114 0906
M +61 438 724546

Professor Clinton Free

Image of Clinton Free

Professor Clinton Free was appointed Academic Director of Executive Education and Global Executive MBA Program Director at the University of Sydney Business School in 2019.

He brings a wealth of international experience to the role, previously teaching MBA programs at Oxford University, Cornell University and the Queen’s School of Business.