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Global Executive MBA

Apply now for Semester 1, 2025.
Our Global Executive MBA takes you out of the classroom and around the world, giving you a range of unique experiences across Australia, Asia, India, Europe and the United States.

With a focus on experiential learning, disruption and adaptability, our Executive MBA will give you the opportunity to work with business leaders and global organisations to address dynamic and multifaceted problems.

Learn how to drive positive change in a world of uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity. Graduate with a global mindset, adept at aligning economics with ethics and reconciling opportunity with responsibility.


UN Women Australia MBA Scholarships

Applications now open

We are delighted to offer two UN Women Australia MBA scholarships for our part-time MBA and Global Executive MBA for Semester 1, 2025 valued at over $60,000 each.

Our Global Executive MBA consists of a mix of self-directed online primers, a major strategic project and 5 x 2-week face-to-face residential blocks held about every 4 months over an 18-month period, from February to July. These are currently undertaken in Australia, Europe, the United States and locations in Asia.*

Units build cumulatively throughout the degree, with leadership at the core. Throughout the program you will work on a change initiative to address a significant strategic issue confronting your organisation through the EMBA Report – a culmination of your discoveries and learnings throughout the entire degree.

*Please note our module locations are under constant review to ensure we stay aligned with global leadership trends.

For more information about the course and the units of study, please visit the Executive MBA course page.

To be eligible for admission, applicants need to have:

  • Completed a bachelor's degree, graduate diploma/certificate or equivalent at an institution approved by the University of Sydney Business School and at a standard acceptable to the University of Sydney Business School (minimum credit (65%) grade average)
  • Approximately 10 years relevant work experience
  • An English proficiency of IELTS 7.0 or equivalent (international students)

Step 1: Check the admission criteria

You will need to meet the necessary admission criteria before you will be considered for entry. Please check the admission criteria above. 

Step 2: Apply online

In order to complete your application online you will need the following documents:

  • Your academic qualifications, for example, completion year and grade average
  • Your employment history/professional details
  • A one-page statement of motivation outlining what you hope to achieve professionally and personally by completing the Global Executive MBA at the University of Sydney. Please upload this document where the online process requests Supplementary forms (immediately after the request for transcripts).

Documents can be submitted in MS Word, RTF or PDF formats.

If the results of your previous study aren't available by the closing date, you can still submit an application. Your application will be considered, providing you forward any outstanding results once they become available.

For more information on applying for the Global Executive MBA, please contact us at


We are committed to investing in developing emerging leaders locally and around the world. We offer a range of scholarships to support our students, recognise achievement and offer financial assistance.

Applications for Global Executive MBA scholarships in Semester 1, 2025 open in July 2024.

Scholarship Open date Closing date
UN Women Australia Global Exective MBA Scholarship 8 July 2024 19 August 2024
Indigenous Australians Leading in Business Global Executive MBA Scholarship 1 July 2024 6 October 2024
Leadership for Social Impact Global Executive MBA Scholarship 1 July 2024 6 October 2024
The Dean's Excellence Scholarship (Executive MBA) N/A N/A
Cultural Diversity in Business Executive MBA Scholarship 1 July 2024 6 October 2024

The University's tuition fees are reviewed annually and may vary during your period of study. The tuition fees are available on the Executive MBA course page.

  • Participants are also charged residential fees consisting of accommodation, some meals and group transport. This is $A32,500 for the duration of the 18-month program and is paid in five equal instalments of $6500.
  • Participants are required to organise and pay for their return airfare to the host city of each overseas unit of study and for their return travel to the Australia-based units of study.

Applicants need to pay a non-refundable deposit of $A2000 upon acceptance of offer into the program. This deposit is subtracted from the accommodation, meal and group ground transport costs for the first unit of study.

There are several payment options available for the Global Executive MBA.

Corporate sponsorship

If an employer has chosen to sponsor a participant, the organisation will be required to cover the cost of:

  • tuition fees
  • student amenities fee
  • residential fees
  • return airfares.


Participants funding their own studies will be required to cover the cost of:

  • tuition fees
  • student amenities fee
  • residential fees
  • return airfares

Participants who pay using this option may be able to claim tuition fees and possible associated costs as a self-education tax deduction. To determine eligibility, participants should check with their accountant/financial adviser and consult the Australian Taxation Office website. 


For eligible participants wishing to take advantage of FEE-HELP, the Australian Federal Government will cover:

  • tuition fees
    Please note, there may be a gap between how much participants are able to borrow under FEE-HELP and the total tuition fees participants are required to pay

FEE-HELP will NOT cover the following costs:

  • accommodation, meal and group transport costs for each unit of study
  • return airfares for each overseas unit of study and return travel to the Australian-based units of study
  • student amenities fee (SA-HELP loan is available).

FEE-HELP is a loan facility for eligible students (Australian citizens) who are enrolled in fee-paying, postgraduate coursework degrees. FEE-HELP enables students to obtain a loan from the Commonwealth Government to pay all or part of their tuition fees.

Eligible students repay their loan through the taxation system once their income reaches the minimum threshold for compulsory repayment.

Please note, FEE-HELP is only available to Australian citizens. Permanent residents of Australia and international students are not eligible to participate in this scheme.

Further information on FEE-HELP is available at the Australian Government Study Assist website.

Salary sacrificing

Participants may wish to speak with their employer or HR representatives to investigate whether salary sacrifice/salary packaging arrangements are available.

Alumni Testimonials

Drew Bradford (EMBA '17), 
Executive General Manager, Markets at National Australia Bank

Drew Bradford

Drew Bradford

"Undertaking the Global Executive MBA at the University of Sydney was an absolute privilege. For me personally, the program embedded a global perspective on the innovation scale across all economies. This program helps to unlock a fresh mindset, intensify strategic capabilities and elevate leadership aspirations beyond the classroom theory – all crucial to shaping business environments that are fluid and challenged by disruption.

"I take with me extraordinary connections from across my cohort and I have developed relationships that I will lean on long after my Global Executive MBA journey.”

Dr Amandeep Hansra (EMBA '18) 
General Practitioner and Director at Evermed Consulting

Dr Amandeep Hansra

Dr Amandeep Hansra

"I completed the Global Executive MBA while trying to run a startup company, maintain my clinical practice part time, and parent my two children. It took some meticulous organising but if you truly enjoy what you are studying you find a way to balance it all.

"From one of my projects undertaken during my Global Executive MBA, I started an organisation called Creative Careers in Medicine to support healthcare professionals build rewarding and fulfilling careers. Within the short space of a year, the organisation has grown to around 4,000 doctors, held multiple successful conferences and provided skills, mentorship and support to countless healthcare practitioners. I’ve been so amazed at what started as a project idea at university has now become a real entity that is changing lives for the better."

Terence Koo (EMBA '17) 

Terence Koo

Terence Koo

"The Global Exective MBA's commitment to experiential learning was obvious from day one. There was a real focus on the quick application of concepts and reflection of learnings. The choice of educational partnerships and thought leaders from some of the best universities in the world was mindblowing and provided exposure that you couldn't get within a purely Australian environment. 

"The design of the program also meant that I could break my study into five blocks of two to three weeks. Being able to create dedicated time for these short periods meant that I could maximise my learning and study workload, while being light touch throughout the three to four months between each module."

*2019 Australian Financial Review BOSS MBA Rankings