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We can connect you to families offering accommodation

New to Sydney? Homestay can place you with a local family who provide short-term accommodation and support during your first few weeks in a new city.

Stay with a local household while you find your feet in Sydney through our partnership with the Australian Homestay Network (AHN).

You can stay for your first 2-4 weeks with an option to extend if you wish.

A fully trained supervisor will match you with a suitable homestay host according to your needs and location preference.

All accommodation has been checked to make sure it is of a high standard and provides a supportive family environment.

Homestay Hosts are trained to assist you:

  • settle into your new community
  • understand the basics of Australian culture
  • gain everyday conversational skills
  • learn the basics such as buying transport tickets
  • help you with banking, internet, mobile phones and provide guidance on personal safety.

AHN can provide you with 24/7 professional phone support as well as insurance.

Under 18 international students

For information about homestay providers for under 18 international students please visit the the under 18 international student visa holder page.

What’s included

Homestay arrangements can vary, but through our Australian Homestay Network Partnership you can expect to receive:
A clean furnished room (this includes items like a bed, desk, wardrobe, chair and a study lamp)
A supportive family environment and home to live in.
Meals (as specified) and accommodation (including utilities)
Ongoing Homestay host and student support
24/7 professional phone support from AHN
Contents insurance for students and hosts as per AHN Insurance Policy
Learn more about AHN insurance
Bathroom and laundry facilities