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Camperdown and Darlington

Our main campus has eight colleges and four university-run student residences
Explore our wide variety of accommodation in the heart of Sydney, providing you with everything you need to make your time at university one to remember.

From our terrace houses to studios, traditional housing options to dorm style accommodation or living in one of the many off campus facilities, find you home away from home.

The Regiment

Student accommodation in the heart of Sydney

A modern and culture-rich environment ready for you to call home. The Regiment is the place to create enduring friendships from all around the globe. The Regiment offers city living in a truly blended community.

Queen Mary Building

Rooftop city views with a memorable student community

A short stroll from campus, the Queen Mary Building offers sanctuary from the demands of university life with well thought out and inviting communal spaces in a historic Sydney landmark.


Studio style living in a unique student community

Experience independent living, full of opportunity and diversity. Enjoy living in an academic community in the close proximity to vibrant cafes and restaurants.

International House

A home away from home for students

International House is a culturally diverse and inclusive residential community owned and operated by the University.


Shared living in terrace style accommodation

Right next door to campus, terrace accommodation allows you to live independently in a communal environment while also enjoying the close proximity to shops and cafes.

Student Accommodation Services