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Semester two 2019 winners

View our students' winning short films
At the University of Sydney, people from more 140 countries come together to form our thriving community. The Who is Sydney? competition showcases our students' stories.

'Freedom is a home called Sydney' - first place

By Sota Maehara (Bachelor of Applied Science) and Martin S Phabmixay (Bachelor of Commerce)

'積分' - second place

By Daniel Merson (Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Arts), Dandan Zhao (Master of International Law) and Fergus Martin (Bachelor of Political economics)

'Homesick' - third place

By Jiatong Wang (Master of Media Pratice), Wuruo Xu (Master of Media Pratice), and Xiangying Song (Master of Media Pratice)

Shortlisted films

'Break the bubble'

By Yu-Chen Chang (Bachelor of Arts/Advanced Studies) and Phoebe Fitzpatrick (Bachelor of Arts/Advanced Studies)


By Darwin Kim Bulawan (Masters of Information Technology Management), Mario Urrutia III (Master of Media Practice), Patrik Kertesz (Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science) and An Li (Master of Education)

'Connection and belongingness'

By Qingyun Peng (Master of Commerce)  and Jake Davey (Master of Architectual Science).

'Who is Sydney to you?'

By  Sirui Liang (Bachelor of Commerce) and Luzviminda Young (Bachelor of Commerce).

'Sydney: it's what you make it'

By Rachel Roan (Bachelor of Arts (Media & Comms)) and Rex Barden (Bachelor of Arts (Media & Comms/ International Relations))

'The things we have in common'

By Ning Li (Master of Moving Image), Tiasha Debray (Master of Moving Image), Peiyou Wang (Master of Moving Image) and Xiaolin Liu (Master of Moving Image)

'Goodbye, hello!'

By Shuang He (Master of Moving Image), Qinghan Zhang (Master of Media Practice), David Yinan Wang (Master of Management (CEMS) ) and Chuanyu Ju (Master of Commerce).


This semester's winning films were selected by a panel of staff and student judges from across the University, including:

  • Connor Wherett, President of the University of Sydney Union (USU)
  • Anna Broinowski, Lecturer, Sydney College of the Arts 
  • Georgia Tan, President of the International Revue Society
  • Richard Smith, Lecturer, Department of Art History