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A community of leading cancer researchers
We bring together a diverse community of professional members, spanning all aspects of cancer research, diagnosis, treatment and care.

Featured members

Professor Robert Baxter

Robert Baxter is head of the Hormones and Cancer Group at the Kolling Institute. His research has contributed to understanding the regulation of normal tissue and body growth, and the aberrant cellular growth in cancer and overgrowth syndromes.

Emeritus Professor Simon Chapman

Simon Chapman is Emeritus Professor in the School Public Health at the University of Sydney. He is a world-renowned leader in research into the tobacco industry and the effects of cigarette advertising.

Professor Rebecca Mason

Rebecca Mason is a leading Vitamin D researcher whose work aims to find ways to reduce the burden of sun damage and skin cancer. Her research explores the role of Vitamin D in protecting against cancer.

Professor Roger Reddel

Roger Reddel is a medical oncologist, molecular geneticist and an internationally renowned expert on cancer cell immortalisation - the ability of cancer cells to divide an unlimited number of times.

Professor Kate White

Kate White specialises in cancer and palliative care research. Her major research interests are in areas of supportive care in cancer and palliative care, psychosocial and quality of life issues in cancer with an emphasis on rural health.

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