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CET student experience #myCETstory

Alison Yang

Direct Entry Course (DEC) student

During the DEC course I applied to be a CET Student Leader. This experience actually inspired me to be a volunteer overseas. I built houses and taught English to students in the second poorest village in Sri Lanka. I am really proud of myself after that experience.

Kim Patria

Advanced Skills for Academic Success student

CET has encouraged me to broaden my perspective and challenge what I already know to make space for new learnings. That experience has proved crucial when I started working in a multicultural environment.

Evelyn Herrera

Global English (GE) student

CET has empowered me as a professional and as a woman to express my opinions with confidence. In the GE course I realised the importance of communicating clearly my aspirations and desires. At the end of the course I feel confident enough to express my opinions.

Mohammed Sameer

English for Academic Purposes Teacher Training (EAPTT) student

The course is about EAP teaching methods and EAP theories, and they were all very useful for me. As a result, I became an even more confident EAP teacher.

Anna Sharonina

Intensive Test Preparation (ITP) student

CET transformed me both personally and professionally. When I started my ITP course I thought it was so hard, but my teacher gave my confidence and told me that there is nothing you cannot do if you put your mind to it.

Alvaro Franco

Grdaduate Academic Skills (GAS) student

My experience in CET and Graduate Academic Skills helped me to improve my academic skills in English. CET also gave me the opportunity to meet people from different countries and different parts of the world.

Kim Patria

Customised Programs staff member

I work with students from China, Japan and many other countries. Its fulfilling to see students transform at CET. At CET's customised programs you see students becoming more open to a different view of the world, to making new friends and to building meaningful connections.