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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Find answers to frequently asked questions below.
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Can I change from one English course to another at CET?

You can change English courses after you start. Talk to the Education Manager if you want to change. See pathways for a diagram of courses offered.

How much does it cost to live in Australia?

The Australian government has recommended international students have AUD $1,690 per month for living expenses, such as accommodation, food, utilities and entertainment.

Detailed information about the estimated living costs in Sydney is available on the University website.

For the cost of study at CET, see the web page for your chosen English course.

How can I pay my fees?

You can pay CET by credit card (Mastercard / Visa), by AUD$ bank draft, or by telegraphic transfer. Your offer letter will explain how to make your payment.

What is your refund policy?

Please review the terms and conditions.

Breaking a packaged offer

A packaged offer allows students to obtain one student visa to cover studies at both the University of Sydney and the Centre for English Training (CET).

If you have a packaged offer and visa with the University of Sydney and CET, and would like to defer the commencement of study at University of Sydney after having successfully completed studies; or if you have decided to withdraw from the University’s packaged courses completely and are planning to return to the home country, you will need to complete and submit a Break of Package Request form.

Note that if you are seeking to extend your duration at CET, you do not need to complete this form. Instead you will need to contact either CET directly.


How do I find accommodation?

Accommodation can be arranged by our preferred providers who can help you find a homestay, homeshare, an apartment or room. They can also arrange temporary accommodation in a hotel when you first arrive in Sydney. All accommodation is off-campus but will be close to CET. Accommodation on campus is not available for English students. For more information on accommodation, see the accommodation section of the website.


How many weeks can I study English at CET?

The shortest time you can study is for two weeks. You can study for up to 50 weeks in a year. See term dates for more information.

How many weeks of English study do I need?

The number of weeks you need depends on your current level of English, the level you wish to reach and how quickly you progress. You may wish to learn English for further study, for an exam, for professional development, for work or for travel. We will assess your application and advise you on which English course you need.

What is the difference between Academic English courses and General English?

Academic English courses are designed to help you succeed in university or other tertiary studies: at The University of Sydney, another university, a TAFE institution or a business college. For more information, see Academic English courses.

General English aims to give you confidence to live and work in the English-speaking world. These courses also prepare you for Academic Language programs. The Cambridge certificates (FCE & CAE) focus on English as it is used in today's global environment.

For more information on our courses and dates follow the links below:

Health care

If you are intending to study under a student visa, you will need Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). CET can arrange OSHC for you with Allianz as part of the application process. Simply indicate the type of insurance required (single/dual/family) on step 2 of the application form. You may also arrange your own cover from any of the government approved providers below:

For more information, please review the University of Sydney's Overseas Student Health Cover page.

For more information about student visas, visit the Department of Home Affairs web pages for international students.

Work rights

What sort of visa do I need to study English at CET?

You can study for up 12 weeks if you have a tourist visa or for up to 17 weeks on a working holiday visa. For longer study, you need a student visa.

Can I work while I am studying at CET?

You can work part-time for up to 40 hours per fortnight while you study if you have a student visa. You need to apply to the Department of Home Affairs for a work permit after you arrive in Sydney. On a working holiday visa you can work part-time or full-time for up to 6 months with the same employer.